Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Union of Two Souls : Grand Finale

You're the meaning in my life
You're the inspiration
You bring feeling to my life
You're the inspiration
Wanna have you near me
I wanna have you hear me saying
No one needs you more that I need you


This song has been stuck in my head for weeks, thanks to it being the wedding song. Above it all, the knight personally requested this one. The reason? All in the lyrics, he said. Aww... I believe my new aunt had melted like butter and left a puddle on the marble floor.

The final episode has to end in glamour and a momentous happy-ever-after, don't they? Okay, so maybe not all but that's the enchantment most fairy tales offer to feed the fantasies of the mind.

The picture above which I am proud of is the VIP table setting. The flourishing blood red roses with mishievous vines coiling around them were granted with the charm to attractive butterflies, something the Queen of Hearts was sure approve of. How it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland!!

How contrary! Pretty ladies in a row... Any direct family were obliged to lend a hand, which was alright since it would be the biggest wedding of the year!

Ice sculptures seem to appear a great deal at weddings. Then again, they do glisten with icy beauty, especially when the cooling mist slides off the mantlepiece and slithers across the floor. A gift so elegent might be from the Snow Queen, perhaps!

Such a majestic hall bursting with lights and adding to the ambiance.

A towering cake adorned the table. Victims awed by the respledence could be so easily tempted by the Pied Piper.

All 'workers aka helping family members' were required to put on a luscious orchid bloom, wet with dew and very much real. As I once said, uniformity makes you feel like part of a bigger picture. So while some of us became receptionists, and others were 'tycoons' greeting every soul, we cousins became the usherers, a hard job when thrown into a huge hall.

With the arrival of guests, the hall could but overflow with rhapsodic delight.

Tradition called for the couple to share this stream of joy by pouring champagne into a wine glass pyramid.

Not forgetting, of course, the immortalized Chinese term of congratulations... "YAMSENG!" Drink to prosperity!!

Our little gift --- a book encapsulating our personal messages to the lovebirds.

It used to be us prancing about, sweeping petals off the stage and tossing them into the air again as if reenacting a fairytale. And where may I have seen this before? Yes! This is where the Sugarplum Fairies performed their mesmerizing dance before Clara and the Nutcracker to celebrate the passing of the dark and glory of the day. Only this time, they take the form of innocent children as we used to.

And I guess that like most endings of fairytales, the good and the loved will prevail. How cliche when I say 'Alls well ends well'. Cheer could not leave our faces as the crowd slowly diminished, leaving behind our family to absorb all the night had to offer, knowing that the sun will come out tomorrow, bet it on your bottom dollar!
And they lived happily ever after.
PS Forgive me for being 'high' on Fantasy. Or maybe it was that teeny tiny sip. Hmm...
Anyway, time to close the book.
The End

Sunday, April 26, 2009

happy term break.

What a term break! Happy Term Break! What term break? We don't NEED term break. Term break, term break, term break. No need for it.

Next week will be all about the mocks, which I am to suffer most painfully for, replacement classes which we have on out list of debts to pay off. And mocks, did I mention the mocks? Then after that, *drum roll* exams!!

What is more, it was supposed to be Term Break! Then again, such a thing was expected.

ć…ˆè‹ŠćŽç”œ(Suffer first, Enjoy Later) We'll have more or less a month's worth of rest before our next semester starts. I can give in my one term break.

happy term break.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

What you can't tell or convince

Afraid. I am afraid.

Literature is tough. You can't convince me otherwise. Even if you say I did take Big Literature for SPM. It's not the same at all.

Numb. I feel numb.

Do you know that feeling? The one when your confidence level plummets as deep as the sea? The one when you don't know what you should believe in, whether you'll make it through?

That's what the entire Literature class is feeling now. You can tell by the way some of them biting their lips when getting assignments back, or that lingering pain on their faces when a 'bomb' is dropped upon them, or that spilt second smile when they see that their grades aren't that bad.

Mortified. I feel mortified.

Only sometimes, because honestly I love the classes, and the spirited company.

Terrified. I feel terrified.

The mocks determine your forecast. Monday marks it all. That's how the Literature class feels right now. You can't convince us otherwise.

Afraid. Just afraid. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day?

Everywhere I see people dressed in that green, blue, or pink shirt. They looked like a herd, almost as if they would go, "GO BUY THAT SHIRT!!" and run us down in a stampede. I loved the green one, it's the best of all three, and it's not just because of the colour. The other two read "You Don't Have to Wear Green to Save the Earth"

Then it hit me. 22nd April is Earth Day. Oh...I must add "You Don't Have to Buy that Shirt to Save the Earth". Not with my budget deficit, no. To not be a spoilsport, I shall wear green when I return home from college.

Yes I am in college.

The facilities here are great, and I'm tapping down every word in the computer lab. There's something about spending time here, almost therapeutic. The library is right beside it. So I think I will have to stop my ferocious typing and go search for some research materials.

Don't use too much electricity on Earth Day. Log off.

Earth Day Pictures, Images and Photos

We were jolted out from our slumber very early in the morning. Apparently an unusual phenomenon was taking place right outside our windows.

Did anyone look in the sky and notice that the moon was between the only two stars last night, in a straight line?

Yes? Wasn't it beautiful?

No? Wait till next year. I'll be joining you.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cheer on!

Almost there.
Almost done.
One more week...
Then no more LAN!!

YESHH!! Cheer on!!

I'm no cheerleader. It's just an intense want to be gone with it!

Having to stay back at college until 6pm or 7pm isn't my idea of fun, especially when returning home in a packed bus where faces literally kiss the glass, where hands end up like rubber, and facing the worse case scenario --- JAM.

Yet I shall still burn and sizzle my brain with all the Moral and Malaysian Studies notes. We may never know what may happen. Keeping my fingers cross that it'll be the end of it. Sigh, all I have to do is complete the tests next week, and grit my teeth till 7.45pm!!

Bring stress down,
Swallow your fear,
Let us have
A little more cheer!

I'm no cheerleader. I'm just slightly more happy.

The photo shoot at Duta Tropika was amazing, what with the beautiful gated community, interesting residents and adorable exotic pet we were acquainted to! The Canadian pizza dinner was superb, and the movie Red Cliff Two was fantastic. At least when it came to getting a little stress off my back.

Read your books,
Do your best,
And we shall prosper
In these tests!!

I'm no cheerleader. I'm just nervous.

I'll be going slow in blogging for a while. Not till the mocks are over.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Aspire to Inspire Before You Expire

The Parable of the Four Sons and the Pear Tree

A father sent his four sons on a journey to discover the same pear tree. Each son was sent out in a different season of the year so that the father could teach them not to judge things too quickly.

winter Pictures, Images and Photos

A year later they came back and the first son who went in winter reported that the pear tree was ugly, bent and twisted.

DOGWOOD TREE Pictures, Images and Photos

The second son who discovered the pear tree in spring stated that the tree was covered with green buds and full of promises.

flower tree Pictures, Images and Photos

The son who found the tree in summer described the pear tree as laden with blossoms that smelled sweet and was the most graceful thing he had ever seen.

autumn road Pictures, Images and Photos

The fourth son who came upon the tree in the fall disagreed with all three and shared how it was ripe and drooping with fruit and full of fulfillment.

The father explained to his sons that they were all right because they had each seen only one season in the tree’s life. You can not judge a tree or a person by only one season. The essence of who they are, and the pleasure, joy and the love that come from that life, can only be measured at the end, when all the seasons are up.

Four Seasons Tree Pictures, Images and Photos

If you give up when its winter you will miss the promise of your spring, the beauty of your summer, and the fulfillment of your fall. Don’t let the pain of one season destroy the joy of the rest. Don’t judge life by one difficult season.

winding road Pictures, Images and Photos

Persevere through the difficult patches, and better times are sure to come in time.

Aspire to inspire…Before you expire.

Live simply, love generously, and care deeply.

sunset Pictures, Images and Photos

Happiness keeps you sweet. Trials keep you strong. Sorrow keeps you human. Failure keeps you humble. Success keeps you growing. Thank you for being a special person in every season of my life.

Leaves divider Pictures, Images and Photos

Perhaps she did it on purpose. Last day of class and all. Showing us this incredibly touching slide show with that heart-wrenching song, as if injecting guilt. Then she gives us an assessment to fill in. Sigh.

But the slide show was fantastic. I can't find it but I found that the messages are the same. Enjoy!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Union of Two Souls #2 Episode 3

Excitement exploded amongst our family --- this was the HIGHLIGHT of the year! After all, it's been 8 years, if not mistaken, that we get to spare a thought for traditions in a wedding. Due to time constraints, I shall have to separate Episode 3 and that of the last episode.

Did you know that when the groom comes in his sleek car, the driver must HORN and let the siren pierce through the air? Just as well, the cars behind the groom's one must do the same, so a string of horns became the trumpets calling for the bride's attention.

Next, the knight must charge and complete tasks to prove his worthy. Only in this case, the groom must send his 'brothers' to do that for him. We reckon its because grooms would have been too dressed up to get down and dirty.

So instead this friend got down and dirty.

There were a lot more torturous hilarious 'games'. Get this picture: a bunch of guys with lipstick on and having to kiss 100 times on a piece of mahjong paper in 60 seconds, or having to lots of pumping, and gulping down 'cili padi' and goodness knows what.

Of course that doesn't mean the knight need not draw his sword. And wow! He could actually serenade so sweetly! Just as well, since everything was caught on video.

So yes, he reached the top of the tower and removed the veil.

It was fun, I must say. Only one thing about this kind of tradition. It involves lots and lots of tea ceremonies and LOTS and LOTS of joss sticks. The video had far too many of those scenes! But I guess it was alright because we did expect this and the "Gam Jie" (lady in charge of ceremonious procedures) knew exactly what she was doing. So was the photographer(these photos, however, are my doings)!

Family celebrations never fail to make one smile, especially since everyone will be back...even my cousins!

Ah...well. So the knight won his maiden's hand and brought her to his castle. Golly we haven't even reached the grand wedding yet! Besides, we were all worn out after the busy morning and afternoon. In several hours, we'd have the final function to rush to.

Till then, this blessed bliss is to be continued.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I see something...

Test by

You Scored as Journalism

You are an aspiring journalist, and you should major in journalism! Like me, you are passionate about writing and expressing yourself, and you want the world to understand your beliefs through writing.





























I guess no poor frog dies in my hands!
Surprise, surprise, I'd be a better engineer than a chemist?
Queerly enough, I realised that a lot of these scores are the same! Does that mean I'll be in a lot more confusion if it take a pick from these?
Who knows? I may make blockbusters!
But scratch all of the above. The first one is enough to make me beam.

Friday, April 10, 2009

World Health Day 2009

Being part of a unit gives you that warm feeling inside, doesn't it? I agree because it did this entire day.

Anyway, today was World Health Day 2009 for our college! Yes if you do check the web the actual date is on the 7th but the purpose is the same.

Just for a little background, WHD is the day the World Health Organization was founded and serves to raise awareness regarding a subject important to global health. This year’s theme is “Health Facilities in Emergencies”. Why? Because they realised that some health services are severely destroyed when disasters like earthquakes hit a country, worsening such situations. Hence the goal aims to prepare more health facilities for emergencies and increase their safety capacities.

Since its such a huge event for the United Nations Club, it's been planned frantically over the past few months! Promoting it was a challenge, and I'm part of the publicity team!! The merchandise section too, which reminds me, the stress balls, after being decorated to look like a head, actually sold out. The badges were adorable too, especially the one pinned on my shirt right now. *Grins*

Then again, I was on duty so run, my feet, run onto the bus and back again, just to make it to every event. The talk by IMU's Professor Yadav on 'How to Handle Emergency Situations' gave us one interesting hour thanks to his wit.

Then there was the blood donation drive right outside. Frankly, I wish the email had gotten to me earlier and I could have given it a shot. Thinking back again however, I guess it was time for me to rush off to check the other events.

All of a sudden a flashback hit me when I passed this booth --- During the last UN meeting, the head of the blood donation department cried amidst the roaring crowd, "Apart from the blood donation, you guys can visit the organ donation booth..."

Pin drop silence.

"Of course, you're not expected to cut your ear off on the's to sign up as a donor."

The volume turned up right after that.

What's a celebration without games? Well, the response was not that good, but it was fun to watch their wild sides unravel.

Group photo with Secretary General.

Four Leaf Clover Animated Divider from

Quote of the Day:

"You know what...I think I should donate my organ."

" You should if you know what you want."

"But the problem is...all I have at home is a piano."

I felt a chilly breeze brush across my face.

Sigh. I told you puns will find its way here.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Stress Balls

Balloons (solid)+ Flour (solid) ----> Stressballs (solid)+ Stress (aura)

It made me think of a Chemistry equation.

Tapping into art is fun...but....this was plain tiring.

Stuffing flour into a balloon to the size of your fist is downright demanding! Give it a try if you must to prove me wrong.

Yet they seem so adorable after it's done. And it sparked a craze in the class! Squeeze them, throw them, thump on them, mould them, shape them, they simply won't break yet and it really does relieves stress.

It's just the making part which drives you nuts.

RM 5 for one. Good deal or not? I think not! It should be more expensive than this, but I suppose it'll be asking a lot.

To students of HELP, the United Nations Club is having the WORLD HEALTH DAY 2009 tomorrow! Come for the blood donation drive, and the games, and the food, and the talks, and the exhibitions, but most importantly(!)...

Stop by at the merchandise stalls, wish me a HI, and buy the t-shirts, rubber yo yos, badges and the STRESS BALLS. Okay?