Friday, June 29, 2012


I turned 21 on Monday. I'm not sure how I feel about that. 21 - it's one of those much celebrated years signifying freedom. Or responsibility. Somewhere in between. To be honest, turning 21 feels like turning 20. It hasn't kicked in yet. I didn't initially have plans but a friend convinced me to make some.

Frankie and Benny's
The day before, we had our first and final restaurant meal as housemates (admittedly without Ezra who had already left) at Frankie and Benny's. Jess also made me a cake before she left that day. 

Mambo Jambo
Went for a Mexican meal with Malaysian friends on the 25th of June. I had my first taste of jalapeƱos and they were surprisingly not as hot as I imagined them to be. There was a lot of ice cream too.

At the end of it all, all I can say to those who sent a wish my way or celebrated my 21st with me is I really appreciate it, guys. Thank you. It'll be a fantastic year. Now that... I can feel.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Many Masks

The Many Masks by rachlyf
The Many Masks, a photo by rachlyf on Flickr.

One of the essays I wrote about in my Shakespeare exam was on festivity. It was a concept we studied about in class, one that explored how carnivals were associated to general disorderliness.

While I was reading up on it, many times I associated it to a prominent aspect of Italy - the Venetian masks. Made from paper mache, beautifully crafted, decked in stalls and sold in the markets of Florence.

During the 12th century, masquerades were a part of the festive culture of Venice. People dressed up in disguises and wore masks during Carnival or other holidays. Social ranks dissolved, hidden, equalized during that period of Carnival. Only during that period. Otherwise people must act normal, look normal, and adhere to law and order.

I have one. Haven't found a reason to wear it yet but it'd be nice to have one when I do.

Florence was lovely. I want to go travelling again.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Westlife Concert

Westlife is one of my favourite bands. Watched the Uptown Girl video when it first started playing on the telly as a child; now when their songs are on, I'm actually bopping to the tunes in my head. It'd been a dream to watch their concert.

Melissa and I at the 02 arena
They are retiring later this month and this was their final concert tour ever. Am I using this as an opportunity? Of course. Hey, what can you expect from a student? Last year they went to UEA a few days after my flight was due. It bugged me that I could have met them earlier. But I digress.

Singing Seasons in the Sun
At least it worked out in the end. I do so enjoy most of their songs, but I was happy that they sang World of Our Own.

That's another thing off my list. 

Credits to Melissa Ling for allowing me to use her photos. 

Friday, June 15, 2012


Natural History Musuem by rachlyf
Natural History Musuem, a photo by rachlyf on Flickr.

I'm done with my exams and hopefully that will be the last of it. The sensation of never having enough time doesn't really sit well with me.

At the moment I'm spending time with people in Norwich, enjoying my final weeks under this roof, applying for internships, settling bills and packing up. Oh how I despise packing up - but at least half of it is gone.

I'm also watching a number of TV series, including Game of Thrones and Revenge. Will finish the former quite soon.

Next plan: Play the theme song on the piano. Fingers crossed.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Almost at the End of Year Two

Justice League Monopoly by rachlyf
Justice League Monopoly, a photo by rachlyf on Flickr.

Most friends are done with their exams. Some lazing about. Some leaving. Some left. It's the end of the year for them. It's not officially over for me until next Friday.

And because I'm feeling more and more guilty with each word I type, I'll list this down and make this as quick as possible.

1. I'll be going home this summer. As in, Malaysian home.
2. I'm feeling good about my second Creative Writing piece.
3. I am determined to get an internship. By hook, crook but most probably by the book. Cringe-worthy? I'm a little tired.
4. TV Sitcoms are the bane of my life.
5. Our Monopoly Game lasted 6 hours.