Monday, November 30, 2009

Supposed to be

It was supposed to be a great day.

Feeling a little more confidence after a paper we've sat through.

Had a relaxing lunch after it.

Predicted that certain bus to come at a certain and managed to get on it.

Had a great day. Played some Quidditch (board game, obviously)

Sat through some revision and without frustration too!

And knowing that it was soon to be my end of abstinence.

It was supposed to be a great day. And 30 minutes before that next great day, the bomb hits on me. Hard. And what is more, I can't... get that payment through!! Logged out, waited (patience left me tonight) and logged in. Failed. Again.

*slamming head on wall* no no no no no...

The final few moments

I realised that November was filled with many outings and most of them involved potentially diabetic foodstuff. Just last Friday we went to a charity bazaar and, of course, the sweetest stuff pulled in the biggest profit. And I could have won that ice-cream eating competition if I weren't on this 'diet'.

Yeah! It wasn't easy. AT ALL. Not with the numberless events and outings that keep pouring in, and all I can do is watch. Not when my other friends had finished and I was the only one left on this pledge. Not at first, at least.

To the two pledgers who said that I had it too easy (in fact I remember you both saying 'easiest'), I'd much rather abstain from computer games or excessive spending.

Then again, I guess it's for the better.

At tomorrow's the day this ends. Cheers!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

How to use our summer holidays

Well, if in Australia your holidays should start in December,
and in UK it would be around July,
we can use summer holidays to visit each other.

Nothing would change - too much.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Celebrating Children's Day?

How queer that it should be at 18 that I start to miss Children's Day again! I remember a lot of Children's Days I have been through. Mark my words, I mean it when I say I remember, all those primary school years where students are actually eager to come to school for the celebration and even in kindergarten.

And we get to spend another one with some children from a Home, watching 'A Chrstmas Carol' (which was awfully scary and goodness knows if the 3-year-olds were traumatised) and having lunch at the Curve.

Love the four cakes?

Presents! Gosh, I miss those days.

The helium balloons remind me of 'Up'. Why do so many things seem to involve 'Up' lately? I wonder...

There's actually the wish list of the children IN the balloon, and attached to the string is a card with the child's name and where to find them. So if one lands on you, do answer it, okay?

Group photo!

3, 2, let go!! While some hesitated for a while, they eventually opened their palms. And as the cheers pierced the silence, the balloons slowly drifted up the opening, carrying themselves away with their dreams in it.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

All due today


Everyday they just bombard us with promises of what is to be or what might be.

And choosing one means that the other will dissipate into space. I guess either way it won't lead to regret. Something would come from it in the end.
But which to choose from, that's the big problem.

Decisions, decisions, decisions. All due today.

Which is the better pick? No one can say.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

After months and months

After months and months of research, it all came down to Monday night. Monday night where we would tie all the loose knots and hand up our coursework.

And still we suffer through the night.

Being on MSN, I noticed the personal messages and could not help but laugh.

1. Can cryyyy...

2. less than twenty four hours. *eyes* don't poke a hornet's nest, or suffer the consequences.

3. i will prevail

4. just do lit


6. Coursework...I command you to die NOW.

So it was my turn.

I'm reading all Lit students' personal messages, and laughing (Boy, we'll get eyebags tomorrow)

Something in the air today. Finally. After months and months of UM visits and late night sleeps. No sleep sometimes. It ends today.


Now back to studying.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Time to Play Again!

Yes! It's time to recall the days where we'd play games! We had an Angsana reunion at the Mage Cafe, a restaurant with the theme of board games, most of which are from abroad so there are some quirky ones you've never encountered before.

The day didn't start well for college for me (which will remain secret as to why), but meeting up with them got the jitters off my back.

And it always starts with the food.

Then comes the games. I can't post up all the games we played but it was f-u-n.
Take what I would call the branch-and-leaf game, which uses the UNO Stacks concept but using a round bottom 'trunk', branches and leaves.

Who came with with these sort of games? It's creative!
But the best would be the Mafia game which involved all of us. That really got us into big fits of laughter.
Some of us quietly slipped out to get a cake to celebrate (and we even ran in the rain!) It was all worth it since it did end great (and ended with food yet again)

I can't load all the pictures here. More can be seen in the class blog .
How relaxing it is to unwind before we tie our brain cells into knots again by next week. I miss the carefree days. Then again, there's always time to play again. It doesn't take children to do that.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Yesterday and today. Two great days. In fact, the paper today said that for Cancers, it's a great day to go out for social gatherings.

I'll post them up later, but for now all I have are these.

A card for the buddy who sat beside me in class for two years, soon to be filled by fellow classmate.

The day before the outing I was wondering how to design it. It was just after a mock and I really wanted a rest, but my brain MUST function!

A trip to Campap got me a butterfly theme. (Which reminds me why I love bookstores)

Butterflies that brighten the day, brings in the spring, yet slowly and surely they will flutter away...flutter, flutter...Sigh. It's happening again. They're flying away.

A cake that we bought as a birthday gift to five. I'm proud of myself. My mind was very kind to me, it didn't tempt me or even remind me that the option of sneaking a piece still exist.

No more! No more!!

I'm contented.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Attention Angsanians

Attention ex-Angsanians!

Please check the class blog and let me know if you're coming. And I mean as soon as possible! Not last minute!

PS. I remember the drama produced by Angsana.

PSS. Anyone interested to watch 'Man and Superman'? I'm in the backstage crew and some people you just may know is acting as well.

This was the poster for the audition which Literature students were obliged to attend and which I gave in (almost completely) to my memory (Had it in my mind all day and *poof* gone by the time I entered). Besides, I like being part of the crew. Please help cross your fingers so that I receive the call from the sponsor.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?

"You are driving a car and knocked down a chicken. What do you do?"

A penny for your thought?

Our family was left dumbfounded by my brother's Moral Studies exam question . Bringing it to the vet would sound a little more ridiculous than a cat or dog, leaving it to the side would seem as heartless as a hit-and-run, and the more realistic option to prepare a chicken dish isn't going to cut it.

We agreed on finding the owner and paying for the loss of the chicken, but lo and behold, the answer was to launch a police report.

Goodness knows how many chicken-related conversation we had over the past few days and suddenly, just yesterday night, a black chicken (in Malaysia, the Cantonese call it 'kampung gai') appeared in our driveway!

Of course, we had to stop the cats from giving the killer stare and at one point, stop one from attacking.

It gave soft clucks as it strutted around the car and hopped onto the flower pots. Someone suggested catching it for culinary purposes but it is too late to have seen it alive. You'd rather know the drumstick that the chicken, no? We finally coaxed it into going out the gate we opened. What a royal treatment to be invited out instead of being shooed!

So it was sent on its lost little way. As the poor bird walked aimlessly to the middle of the road, I heard myself utter, "Get away from the road, chicken!" It helps, though, that the neighbourhood is quiet at night. Then the Moral question flashed in my mind once again. I told my mum and all she said was "Well, we'll have to call the police then."

I do hope that chicken can find its way home safely, wherever that is. As I returned into the house, I remembered the famous cliched question, "Why did the chicken cross the road?"

My answer? It was trying to get away from the cats, and besides, our house isn't a farm...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Memoirs of a Sweet Tooth: Ice-Cream

Today is the day that the other two pledgers will reach the end of their torturous pledge. Then it will be just me and my cravings.

Today I crave ice-cream. I long for it to melt on the tip og my tongue and slowly flow into my throat. stil cold and all. I long for the Earthquake Deal at Swensons, the many flavours to delightfully try and share.

You know, for some queer reason or the other, ice-cream never tastes the same twice. At times they taste 'happy', at times they taste 'euphoric'. When times are stressful, they taste 'mellow'. When on movie nights they taste 'perky'. When days are hot they taste 'exhilarating'. When tasting new flavours they taste 'adventurous'. In fact there are a whole lot of different tastes which emerge with time.

What weird adjectives to use, aren't they? I have no idea why I said that.

Now another ice-cream advice - do not take when feeling sad. They don't taste as well.

Well, I've just caught up with my lack of sleep. I just realised that there is a lot on my back and still adding up.

I'm halfway there but still...I NEED AN ICE-CREAM!

ice cream Pictures, Images and Photos

Ice cream is happiness condensed.

~Jessi Lane Adams

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Anniversary Sesame Street!

smallie gang Pictures, Images and Photos

I grew up on Sesame Street.

There used to be those carefree mornings where I'd wake up just in time to visit the adorable characters.

There used to be me and the C-at, M-at, H-at chants alongside Elmo, random numbers taught by the Count (I always found that funny) and conversations with that two best friends...Bert and Ernie, right? Of course not forgetting Cookie Monster, whose cookies I keep complaining are falling out of his mouth and sometimes wish they were on my plate. AND iconic Big Bird with his never ending questions on anything and everything.

Gosh, my memory is still good, agree?

Happy 40th Birthday of Sesame Street! Pictures, Images and Photos

Now today is their 40th anniversary. Although I have not been frisking about on that street, not been waiting in front of the telly still in pyjamas, or revisiting it all, I'll never forget how part of my childhood belonged there.

I love you, Sesame street gang! Do continue inspiring for now and ever more!

Sunny Day
Sweepin' the clouds away
On my way to where the air is sweet

Can you tell me how to get,
How to get to Sesame Street...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Fun is English

I don't know what exactly got me here, but I like what came from it. This was the "English is Fun" programme just this afternoon. We were assigned to one of three 'agapes' and run activities for them. My favourite was the sock puppet making session, since there's something subtly enjoyable about craft, and especially since this particular group had seven hyperactive kids.

Love the photo!!

The Afghan children were adorable!

This wall caught my eyes. Do you know where this came from? ---It's from a book called 'The Prince' that got me falling deep into memories of the innocence of childhood.

The noodles weren't that spicy, but apparently they don't eat spicy food if ever, so some could not take the heat on their tongues.

And I am patting my back for not even touching that chocolate cake... although even from a single glance you would know that it is MOIST and RICHLY-PACKED and bound to get your ADRENALINE gushing into your brain!! How hard it was to ignore the euphoric "OMG! YUUUUUUMMM (or any other purr-like sound)...this is DELICIOUS!!"

*sobs* I can do it...I can do it!!

Before we left, they asked us to come for their anniversary later this month. I can never forget that one girl who quickly ran her pinkie around mine (and that of several of us) after the invitation.

But there's no saying we can make it...

Indulgences (updated):
1. Doughnut
2. Ice-cream (thanks to siblings)
3. Muffin (thanks to Elisa)
4. Chocolate cake

Monday, November 2, 2009

Memoirs of Sweet Tooth: Doughnuts

And I thought the second day would be much better.

How convenient that I am in the presence of DOUGHNUTS!! Fried and coated with the most luscious edible coats -- Chocolate, Vanilla, Peanut butter -- sprinkled with the sweetest of confection.

We went to Tropicana City, and my dad bought a whole box of doughnuts for breakfast! The breakfast I cannot, will not and shall not have.

Homer Simpson would be shaking his head if he saw me. Or perhaps he'll just steal all the doughnuts and eat it in my face.

doughnuts Pictures, Images and Photos

Down my mental list I have started my list of what to catch up on in one month's time.

1. Doughnut

Sunday, November 1, 2009

First Day Survival

Sunday is the most dangerous day to abstain ANYTHING.

When I walked to the kitchen for breakfast, the first thing I saw were the muffins. Among all the other free saccharine stuff from the event my parents went this morning.

And the muffins sat there, laced with temptation (and chocolate).

First day! NO! I skipped breakfast and had an early lunch.

No cakes, none of Joyce's Halloween party spoils, not even a sip of Coke.

Chocolate Cupcake Pictures, Images and Photos

Ah well. Congrats to Chiah for not spending on herself this shopping trip. Guess we both agree...

Sunday really isn't good for abstaining from anything.

Strong Pictures, Images and Photos

(Day 1 done. 29 more days to go)