Monday, December 3, 2012

Tying the Loose Ends

I am insanely aware of how long this blog has been neglected, but while this blog seems to be dying and probably will be dead, be assured that I am not.

I am in the UK, well and absolutely enjoying myself. So happy that sometimes it makes me sad to think that I'll graduate next year. But (shhh...) let's not talk about that.

At the moment, my life revolves around Concrete, the student newspaper, consuming chocolate while doing coursework, finding some spare time to read and making loads of online accounts when procrastinating.

I'm not even joking. I now have a Twitter account, a new Portfolio, Linkedin account, Goodreads account and am seriously contemplating a new blog to replace this, even after I once promised myself that this one won't be abandoned. Sometimes it just has to be that way.

Part of it is due to my inability to make the layout look as good as I want it to be. And I already have a general idea. It just wouldn't work. More importantly, I've looked through all the posts I'd written, blushing at how I used to fiddle with fonts and colours. And the content. I had a different style of writing then. Not that it's any less me; it's just a different version.

I don't want to stop blogging, 'cause I love it. I can't bring myself to update this particular site, yet I have no intention of deleting this. Too many memories.

You can probably tell where this is going. I'm going to tie up the loose bits here (because I can't leave things hanging or it will bother me), pack up and head off to a whole new blogging adventure. It'll be a fresh new start. I'll be happy and contented. And you'll be glad that I'm that way too, I hope.

Until then.