Friday, April 30, 2010

Nothing New.

It was nothing new, just another piece of work to look through. Too emotional for my liking, I thought, but in certain ways I found it true. That is, supposing I needed to rant in depression. Supposing I felt the need to inscribe a part of my life with philosophy.

Over and over again my eyes darted line by line.

Then that unexpected name popped up.

It's been years, I realised. It has got to be something new. What if it isn't? That would feed to the uneasiness...

But I think too much sometimes, so brush it off I will.

It's nothing new, anyway.

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On another note:
Midnight oil lamps burn no more. No more dragging ourselves around like zombies, or looking like pandas.

Oh wait, exams are on the way...

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I talk to him when I'm lonesome like;
and I'm sure he understands.
When he looks at me so attentively,
and gently licks my hands;
then he rubs his nose on my tailored clothes,
but I never say naught thereat.
For the good Lord knows I can buy more clothes,
but never a friend like that.

~W. Dayton Wedgefarth

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

ironic fate.

What do you call this? Fate? Irony?

Or can I lump this together and call it ironic fate?

I don't think I can write much on this.

To Gonzo, Lucky and my dear Ting-ting,

All from separate families and yet still considered family.

Rest in peace.

I'll miss you.

*curls up at a corner*

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Long but not windy.

We sat for IELTS today. It was alright, although I had to calm myself hours before the speaking test.

Sitting for the exam reminded me of the other English tests I took, the last being CPE. How long has it been? Gosh! It's been almost a year! The exam itself was scary (then again, all are to me).

That aside, I miss the classes. You probably think me nuts, having that thought of going back to class. Yet it felt so stress-free each time I attend them, a two hours worth of not thinking about the work that lie waiting at home.

The road was long, no doubt, taking years to complete. But it was never windy.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Bad Nights are Ahead of Me....

Even though I'm officially off duty for yearbook pre-sales, my schedule for the final two weeks of college seems as tight and heavy as ever. I foresee a need to replenish my stock of 'midnight oil' - sleepless nights are ahead of me.

I guess that's what it is to be now. Mocks to sit for, the final time we get to edit our Literature drafts, submitting them in, enjoy just a minute of freedom, and back to mocks. Then oh! The real thing comes and perhaps that is when my nerves will be pushed to the limit.

So will my eyes.

Anyway, apart from that, I believe that my online accounts will have to remain dormant for the time being. It's all going at a pace so fast now, and I better speed up.

Now to start on my sleepless days and nights.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Cupcake Fetish

Working my fingers on my own projects is more exciting than anything. Why?

One, it's like therapy. A great stress reliever!
Two, I get to buy all those lovely little materials and have a reason for it.
Three, it keeps me satisfied. *grins*

Happy 19th Birthday, Rachel! For the past few weeks you were craving designer cupcakes. So since I couldn't find any of the sort, and prefering not to give you charred lumps of dough from what could well be my pioneer attempt at baking cupcakes, I hope you enjoy the 'collection'!

'Forming' the dough and 'baking' them were the easy steps. It was the designer logos that I had to crack my head open for. Next time we'll have the real thing!!

Plus, I now know that the logo for Coach and Chanel are different despite the same alphabet they flaunt so vehemently.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A & W = Aww...

It's about time syllabus end and friends are released from their colleges or so, even though mine would be a long time away, in June. I haven't seen Sue Hui and Mei Yee for quite some time now, so I'm glad we went out! The others couldn't make it, but there'll be another day, I'm sure.

The three of us, plus the burger at the side which would spark an inside joke about "somebody"'s head.

Well, this wasn't from A & W but we had some desserts prior to that.

Mei Yee has better photos for this one, so maybe I'll post them up later.

They said this reminds them of a sauna. Nice?

Positioned to reflect my sentiments.

And same goes.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Just a while ago I was submerged in Word Documents, papers, pdf files and websites. I'm going to venture off to different thoughts I had today to clear the clutter out. My family and I had Canadian pizzas for dinner! The side dishes aren't that nice, but I like the crust of our entree - not the same as other pizza fast food outlets.

It's Jennifer's birthday today! Happy 19th birthday! I don't recall seeing you wear a dress and definitely not a hat, but I hope your dreams can pick up as high as the wind can lift it! Maybe it should be a graduation cap, but I like the white hat. This took me an hour while watching a tv series.

And last but not least, my senior dog seems to be getting better. But her age would keep catching up. I really hope things just go back upwards and stays that way.

Until the next time. Turrah!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Of Chilis and Yogurt.

Here is the "froyo" which I thought for weeks was the name of a luxurious bag brand. That aside, it now makes sense that it is frozen yoghurt. You get to pick your own yoghurt flavour and toppings! But before I get there, here's the little story of the day.
After class on a Friday, we celebrated an early birthday outing. Since it is a story, I shall introduce the 'characters'.
Jia Yu, Jennifer, Pei Pei, Sher Min...

Yours Truly, Sion, Elisa...

Chiah, Shen Yen, Sher Lynn and Janice.

Chilis has gigantic portions! Even Sher Min got really full at the end of it, so that says a lot.

At least we can share the stomach capacity...

This is one of the few people I know who would strut into the hairdressers, twirling in her hand a long assembling of several straws (yes, drinking straws), and very casually talk to a worker there about chairs in the shape of cartoon characters.

Then the craving for dessert on top of our already stuffed stomachs brought us up to Tutti Frutti, the "froyo" shop I was mentioning about. Fruits, sweets, chocolate toppings...gosh, I'm going to start salivating soon.
Group photos galore!

And I save the best for last.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

On a force that can't be reckoned with

I'm not that interested in sitting for this test, and I'm not happy that deep down there is a harbinger that I would eventually go for it.

Circumstances have a cruel way of forcing people into submission.

There's two ways I can go for it. I could insist, for the following months, that what I have is sufficient enough as an English requirement. After all, what I have now came out of years of effort. If I do succeed, I'll be as satisfied as times when I consume ice-cream.

But there's the other thing - it would involve a big gamble. How big? I guess it's big enough to offset everything else I've been working myself out for over the past year.

I haven't been able to get a straight answer on whether it is possible to not sit for it, so that doubles the stakes.

Yes, I realize that I'm trying to justify myself. What are the odds that something miraculous would happen tomorrow? I can't even answer that myself.

Just pondering over a decision that circumstances have already chosen for me.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Chemistry in Colour

I had many urges to put my coursework aside and write a blog post, but I told myself that it wouldn't be practical. 2500 words per unit does not come in a few hours.

On the scientific side of things, we carried out experiments on vanadium and copper ions today. Thwy were mixed away to a myriad of beautiful shades of blue, greena and even purple. I like the green it gives when experimented with tin! For a moment it was difficult to discard them. They turned out so beautifully!

Though I don't see myself concocting variants of rainbow spectrums from solutions in the future, I have to admit this: Chemistry can be colourful. Hard, yes, but the laboratory works can be very colourful indeed.

To that I say, enjoy the colours while they last!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Why not cheques?

Every year after Ching Bing morning, we settle for home cook chicken porridge. Earlier before that we'd walk up and down to ancestral graves to burn them incense, paper money, or some shirts and shoes.

The only thing is that sometimes you just can't recall where some of them were buried. We were concerned that we would burn them the wrong 'afterworld attires'. Yes, we meant that. I mean, who wants to receive a gift belonging to someone else?

And for me the only thing is that it's a scary thought that I may not be able to pay them a visit next year.

Just a thought: wouldn't burning them a 'paper cheque' be more convenient for people and easier on the environment?