Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Got a Feeling

Well, just when I thought there'll be no more eventful days until the A-Levels ball next month, I got a pleasant surprise. Jennifer told me she wanted to buy accessories, so she convinced me to go to Midvalley. When I asked her who would be joining us, she said, "Just Pei Pei."

Nothing was the matter until certain oddities happened. In the car, Pei Pei asked us the same question. I had a feeling Jennifer was making some hand gestures in the back seat, and on top of that, the calls kept coming in.

Karaoke was on our list of things to do. When we opened the door of our room, familiar voices sang the birthday song. On the table was a cake for Pei Pei and I. She was just as shocked as I was; while she knew the plans all along, she didn't know that it was a double celebration!

I'm a little tired now, so I'll go on another day.

I just have to say a really big thanks to all you guys - for making today wonderful. Really beautiful day.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June Peaks.

Peak One: Birthday

My 19th birthday had been celebrated with a huge dinner and cake, with the biggest thanks to my Ama and 'Ah Yee'. Next year, it would be very different, I suppose.

And I think to myself: There are many things I wish we can just hold onto...

Second Peak: Popiah Party!!

Parties call for lots of food, and here's a table laden with gorgeous food! There were the ingredients to make popiahs: popiah wrapping, vegetables, eggs, Chinese sausages, sweet sauce and chilli sauce, then there were plates of jellies, tarts and fruits.

I enjoy making popiahs. It's pretty simple if I said just stack them on the wrapping and roll it up. My aunts and uncles (who have requested anonymity) claim that it takes 'skill' to roll them up without the fragile outer layer dessimiting to pieces. I find it fun when it does, though. I hope we'll have another Popiah Party one day.

And I miss the past.
Third Peak: Exams - and over it!

We've been having exams for a month, and now our finals are over! Days spent in the library and at the desk; nights struck with anxiety; guilt trips that come from the slightest pleasure - no more for now. I'll definitely miss college. Below is my quantitative summary of college:

I know who to hand my Maths, Chemistry and Economics textbooks and notes to, but the largest pile has yet to be organised. I never realised how large a pile I had for Literature.

I even took out all my colourful tabs from the books.

At the end of it all, delicious desserts to clear my head.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


They say that birthdays can be celebrated earlier and never later. I don't know the logic in that; perhaps it goes to say that 'be-earlied' sounds better than 'belated'? Anyway, this year, like many years before, it was held before the official day. More on it another time.

Now that I think about it, I realised that for the past few years, I have been 'working' on that special day in my life. Last year I was more concerned about handing out magazines during a ball which we had no part of. The two years prior to that we had intensive marching practice on the fields in preparation for Sports Day (which, at least, paid off).

Funny how this year it would be a heavy paper in an important exam.

Of course, that would be until 3pm. Hopefully after that, while people shed a tear for the King of Pop, I'll celebrate royally like there is no tomorrow! Not that...I have plans yet. Oh well.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day '10

For someone who lets our dreams soar...

For someone who fixes and fashions the plane that will bring us to the skies...
For someone who would be there if we fall...

For someone who gives us his all.
Happy Father's Day.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Keep Holding On

It's the usual for us to pull out the cards for a little fun. To a certain extent, I agree with my friends. There is something about the pictures on the cards that capture an interpretation of our lives. Or could it just be us imposing our own interpretations on what we see?

It boils down to what you believe in, I guess.

I asked for my reading, with a question that couldn't get off my mind - "I just sat for a horrible maths paper (even though we already expected it to be tough) and it's bugging me. What should I do?" Three cards were placed before me and the little guidebook was consulted. Here I summarize and link the readings as I heard and interpreted them.

Although I've already decided on a new direction to my goals, I'm anxious over a mistake I've made. Now I'm uncertain of what to do. The solution is simple - stick to the goal.

That's what I'll do. And now I have two papers left.

PS. Yesterday night my siblings and I watched 'Glee' until 2 in the morning. The final song we heard latched itself in my head as I drifted off to sleep.

There's nothing you can say, nothing you can do,
There's no other way when it comes to the truth.
So keep holding on, cause you know we'll make it though, make it through

~Keep Holding On, Avril Lavigne, covered by Glee~

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

FIFA Video!

Here's a Pepsi commercial which got my family and I laughing all week. It makes me laugh out loud each and every time, even after so many repeats.

And coincidentally, it's on the FIFA World Cup! I'm not a football fanatic, that I admit, but I do watch the final few matches. Yes, I take the cream of the crop. No harm in that.
As for predictions, I'll only make it later on since it's too early to decide.
(I've had it lucky with Brazil and Italy)

Enjoy the World Cup Fever, and I'll treat you to this
World Cup dose of laughter!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Karate? Kung Fu?

The Karate Kid Poster 001 Pictures, Images and Photos
We went to watch 'Karate Kid' today. The question that first sped through my mind was, 'Why sucha title when everyone is using Kung Fu?' My mum says they are just reusing the title for the remake. Then again, wouldn't it get you wondering?

That aside, and the fact that the plot was predictable (a remake after all), I like their acting. For one, I've always enjoyed Jackie Chan related movies and Jaden Smith is a really good actor. Star in the making, I'd say. One thing, isn't 12 far too young an age to be going romantic? Bah! I shall give that a pass.

We had a Japanese lunch before returning home. Now I guess I must go back to the study table. Maybe it's just me, but what's the point of learning so much integration and differentiation and all of that?

No offence to those pursuing Maths. I admire people who have the ability to solve equations within minutes. But as a person who don't have what it takes to tear equations apart, if I survive this week, I shall sever my ties with the subject.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

There's Black and There's White

Photography Pictures, Images and Photos

The world is in black and white whenever exams are around - you either do or die.

You can't think of anything else. You have to work for the grades. You are expected to. Slack and you will be hit with guilt. Lag and you must catch up alone. It is all a war - every exam is a war. And the outcome is unpredictable.

Then there's always this place bustling with colours and warmth, and always a little too far to reach. A spectrum of colours would only pierce through the monochrome world once it is over. Gosh! When would that be?

Four Leaf Clover Animated Divider from

Let me summarise what I've been through lately: Three days with four papers. I'm not the only one who had such a "blessing". In fact, there could be people with a whole week full of papers to sit for. Still, studying four heavy subjects at once can get frustrating. Very frustrating.

Extremely frustrating.

But what happens in the exam hall is normally a different story.

I'd say that everything so far is alright. Only one paper got me flabbergasted and only on one occasion (which was the night I sat for that difficult paper) did I get the exam blues. It took me some chocolate to get better before the next one. Unhealthy, I know, but effective.

Well, now that my self-imposed rest day is about to be over, I have four more papers to get over with. They've been bugging me at the back of my head even when I was indulging in my art projects. That probably means that the pressure has been turned up by several notches, especially with the harder papers coming up.

Wish me luck!

PS. Our little cousins will be at our place for several days. They're having fun punching out shapes for their art project now, but the mess, though expected, is getting unbearable.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


It's now the beginning of the month. Exams are too near to ignore, which is why I shall keep blogging to a minimum for now. That is, as few posts as I possibly can, since this is one of the things keeping me relaxed.

I find it queer how sometimes I find that exams can be fun, in the sense that everyone is working towards a goal, congregating at the library for study groups, and basically knowing that everyone is sharing a similar experience.

Something like a battle, is it not?

But for the most part of it, our stress levels would definitely shoot up like crazy, especially since this is IT, the final one. And now it's getting intense for me. I've really got to presevere if I am to reach my goal.

A lot of people are having exams in June, so here I wish all the best to you guys! Things would be alright; after all, you're not the only one battling through this.

Trust me, we can make it through the rain. The cute furry friend below will tell you why.

That's why.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

World Environment Day 2010

I remember what that dream was about now. Coincidence? I don't know. But it makes the dream spookier that way.

Anyway, Happy World Environment Day 2010.

Why Should We Care?

For skies, for seas,
For lands, for trees,
For life, for peace,
For men, for beasts.
For our past, for our present,
for our future.
For me, for you,
(Hardly a poem; simply random thoughts, but enjoy.)

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I'm thinking of doing a makeover for my blog and give it a fresh new look. Strip the background clean and give it a new coating. Organize the widgets at the side and update them. Design a different heading even though it's not my forte.

As much as I want to now, it would have to wait until after exams. In fact, I'm beginning to think of many events I'd put down on my list of things to do.

Here are a few:
1. Organize family gathering in August (Now to make sure everyone will be present)
2. Organize Standard 6 reunion (I am so sorry we couldn't have one the other time)
3. Ball (less needs be said)
4. Learn Accounts (to prove that I can strike the balance!)
5. Learn to cook
6. Indulge in books I have bought but not read (plus return a long overdue book)
7. Blog makeover

Did I say 'few'? I must have been mistaken.

Anyway, now my focus must turn elsewhere. This online business should go slow from now on. Hmm...