Monday, March 29, 2010


My second time attending the Model United Nations Conference was both tiring and exciting. To put it into one sentence, it is the role-playing of delegates at a United Nations Conference, packed with resolutions for world issues and fiesty debating!

I'm no delegate. I guess I'm not cut out for verbal combats. My repartees are not for the serious. This was my second and last time being a writer in the Press Team, and although it's frustrating staying up till 2am each night (the newsletter is issued daily), I'll miss it!

Speaking of repartees, this would be the committee to look out for. They have the more experienced delegates with intellectual spontaniety. One thing though, they don't have 'joke resolutions' as do others.

And to be rather frank, it was a great term (even if I had to miss Day Three) but it wasn't as fun as last year's, mainly because many buddies and old faces couldn't join us this time.
It'll be great memories. It will be.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This be the month

This be the month I saw a lot of people breaking down into tears, feeling the blues over a number of issues, and having their confidence bruised. I don’t know why everything is as it is now. Is there some big force out there playing with us this very month?

Just when you thought you won’t be caught in this malady, a lightning hits you. Even if you paint that silver lining on that cloud with acrylic and coat it with the glossiest of varnishes, the rain will still leak through. Big or small it still is a lightning and the strike hurts all the same.

I’m being very subtle now, I realize, but that’s really the emotions relaying from my heart to my brain. To be fair, it isn’t that bad a deal…partly what I wanted…only partly what I wanted…not entirely…just…

I feel like I’m not good enough.

How strange that I should be using that one sentence I’ve been hearing. This be the month, to all deep in pain, a rainbow would come after every rain.

Haha... I'm just overwhelmed and in shock now, ignore my nonsense.

I'll be fine so long as there's chocolate in the fridge.

Monday, March 22, 2010

To decide what is wrong

1. Last week was the Election Week, filled with fluttering posters layered over each other, voting perks and propagandas. Little will I comment on that. I'm more interested in talking about the fictional 5th candidate. A joke became a prank and soon became a secret shared by the seniors.

In three short days this candidate gained a personality of his own, without our help, and possibly because his story spread like a Chinese Whisper game. (He's now from a literature student from the July intake, smart, makes good speeches and related to so-and-so)

2. Mei Shan, Mei Yen, Joyce and Vincent made me a Facebook some time ago. I ignored it for a long time, but eventually I decided that there's no need for me to indulge in games, so long as I can keep up with friends and grab photos. That is, when I figure out how.

3. Do you get those days where you feel extremely down yet do not know why you feel that way? Today is one of those days for me.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

To cease the complaints.

It's only human nature to complain about many things. That we cannot deny. Who doesn't? Tell me...I have my share.

But, if ever I can, I tell myself, "Stop with the self-pity...enjoy life...

... Have another piece of GORGEOUS brownie with marshmallow, chocolate ice cream and sizzling in a 'caramel jacuzzi' and it will all be alright in the end... You'll see."

Awesome Swenson's meal with my family. As always.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Two in One

Happy Belated Birthday to my two aunts! After having dinner at a restaurant, we gathered at our place to have cake.

Two different flavours for two different taste buds.

They get the wish, but it would be the little cousins who take pleasure in blowing out the candles. Everyday is their 'birthday' to them, no?

Pei Wen, 四姨, my grandma, 大姨.

Here's a card I made for one of them (my sister made the other)

There is a written 'letter' in the envelope but I forgot about that. The flower and embedded leaves were bought but the red wrapping and envelope were DIY.
Happy Birthday again! May you have a great year!!

And may the wish that you both made come true...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Strawberry surprise - AHHhh..

Check out the strawberries Papa bought from Singapore! (On the box it says they were grown in USA) I've never seen such huge strawberries so up-close before and within my reach!

Since most of us didn't, we thought it should be made a special occasion.

We took out the chocolate syrup!

So imagine! The huge strawberries were both sweet and sour at the same time, with juice waiting to spill from the edges of your lips. And now with dark chocolate flowing down from the top of the fruit!

You'd know I've had my dose of sugar.

Now to have a bit of fun!

Vincent says "AHHH..."

Papa says "AHHH.."

Joyce goes "ah."

Pei Wen says "Ahhh..."

May Ching goes "AHhhhh..."

And since I'd been bugging them to have their photos taken, I had do so myself.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Not knowing where to go.

It was a seemingly ordinary day at college, having to stay back until 4pm, then hopping onto the bus back to PJ. Who knew the bus journey turned into one shock of my life?!

You would if the bus driver doesn't seem to know where he's going!

At first I thought it was a minor mistake. Probably a new driver, I thought, which was why it almost forgot there was another stop he had to go to. A woman reminded him, so he managed to cut into the lane in time.

Then at the next junction, he turned into the wrong road! The passengers all let out their gasps of horror before he stopped. With cars blaring their horns behind him, the bus took some time (with the help of some residential guards who happened to be there) to reverse out. It give a sharp turn into the right road, the side of the front tyre scraping the curb as it did.

I had half the mind to just get off as did some others. I don't intend to get lost somewhere, especially when I forgot to bring my phone. But to wait for the next one at this peak hour? No, no, no...

All the way, I have to admit this slight fear. Maybe that's why the ride seemed bumpier than usual. At certain junction we reached the fear intensified. Had there not been some passengers standing beside him we could have very well end up far far away.

The moment my destination came, I gave a quick ring of the bell, and with me a bunch of passengers scrambled out as fast as we could.

(Or did it just seem that way? Hmm...)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

There's something familiar about this quote from this old Snoopy comic book I found a while ago. I believe it stemmed from the result collection today. Everyone needs a hug and not reasonings, especially on a day like this.

My heart sank as I noticed the reactions of others, so that girl could see how nervous I was as she passed me that slip.

It was unexpected, in both good and bad ways. It's hard to say how so. It didn't break me down to bits, but it wasn't much to celebrate. At least I know that there are units I am certain to drop. Still...

Sigh. I won't feel bad for too long, just that the pressure will add on.

I love this one. Hope it made your day too.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy thoughts before...

I'm thinking happy thoughts.

As many as I can, before I get that nervous butterflies finally breaking free from their cocoons in my stomach. That will happen naturally tomorrow. And the whole of college KNOWS what is happening tomorrow.

For the new intake it's SPM results. I shake my head to think how I could have been so nervous then, but good luck to them. Rest of us seniors have important exam results coming out, which could thrill us or kill us.

In short, the whole college will be struck with paranoia by tonight.

Photos of Valentine Day gifts from Sher Lynn and Chiah. Thank you again!
I've been listening to Disney songs to lift up my spirits- their lyrics are so meaningful. Of course, I mean the classics.

Monday, March 8, 2010

I mean busy

Lately I've been busy. And I mean busy.

Just yesterday night I had to stare at the screen and hope that 1000 more words can miraculously pop up on my coursework. With that I lost a lot of sleep. Ironically I was very awake all day.

Then there's the Thursday scare which would haunt the whole of college. I really hope I don't have to retake a lot of papers, if ever necessary.

On another note, some of us Angsanians decided to return to our alma mater to get our SPM certificate. We managed to meet up with our form teacher for a while before we headed to a mall for lunch.

I am partially happy that I'm not in high school anymore, but there are some things I miss.

Still, meeting up can be as close to what was.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Some Little Things

Things Lately that made me feel Down

* A phone call and an sms

* Coursework

* A blocked nose and that funny tingle in my ear

Things Lately that made me Smile

* Reading a book just as the morning shone in

* A bus driver willing to wait just a little longer

* Completing a poem

* The air con cooling you down the whole day

* Another piece of cake (and fruit juice)

PS. Why is today revolving around the yearbook? Life has a funny yet organised way of grouping its events to days.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Adventure Day 2

The plan was to go to Bangsar.

Today, with a class suddenly cancelled, we decided that four hours would be too much to take and a group of us went to Mid Valley - Chiah, Jen, Sher Lynn, Sue Ann, Sion and I - for a second 'adventure outing'.

We had a TGIF lunch. Large portions! Thank goodness some of us shared. Oh well, the yoghurt meal (which we initially wanted to have) can wait another day. I want to post up the group photo, but I believe someone would choke me if I do.

Anyway, our Chemistry class (some of us, at least) decided to take a random photo after inhaling concentrated nitric acid and making screws rust.
PS. Am wondering if I should just join that FB.