Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wiped out

This was my original intention: To come back home after the 1U outing (It was fun, guys! We should do that again!) and immediately update my blog to break the exam drought.

This is the situation when I got home:

"What happened to the fishes?" ~me (Perhaps you may remember me talking about our school of guppies here)

"Don't need to worry about them." (After all, they are a sturdy species)

"What do you mean? So you knew?"

"Aiya! It's okay. Don't need to worry."

"But...they're dead! ALL of them!"


It turned out that a certain someone who was to change the water decided not to leave the water overnight beforehand! Contaminated with chlorine yet to be evaporated, the water was. I can imagine them struggling to breathe yet knowing that there is nowhere to run. Their source of life now a pool of poison.

It does sound more apocalyptic than I thought. An entire nation wasted, just like that. And just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, all the baby fishes, the little fries...the whole generation of hope...wiped out in a single morning.

There are three more stronger fries salvaged from the ruins (the last of the last) and kept in our 'ICU' - a bowl of mineral water. Sad to say, things are not looking good for them.

Now it's raining, and my mood is going more sombre and irritated by the minute.

PS. I consider them part of the family.

PPS. I'll post the photos up another day.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Spreading the Glee.

After reading an article on this award-winning comedy coming to Malaysia, I placed a tab on it for post-exam stress reliever. And, well, I almost thought of forgoing it since it's only shown on Astro.

Now, I'm ready to get my hands on it by hook or by crook! (okay, you know I won't resort to crook) Let me tell you why.

It was all Jennifer's doing. She asked me to watch a video clip of some songs in 'Glee', as I'd told her I wanted to watch it. That 3 minutes and 33 seconds got me extremely excited over it. Now I've been 'accused' of spreading the 'Glee' to some other friends.

Care to watch this video? I love it when reality is tweaked with unusual fun. Have you ever imagined what it'll be like if real life were a musical? It'll be enchanting, though, of course, in my head it's all in tune.

So spread the glee for me?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Triple Birthday!

Here are some photos I didn't manage to post early. Last week, we had a triple birthday celebration for my uncle, aunt and cousin. When it comes to big birthdays, there will be big meals. A snapshot of the food should do the trick.

Potluck gatherings can end up with loads of dishes than intended, but it tasted delicious! The next one, they already planned, would be held in our humble abode. My mum looking at Japanese dishes, I hope? *hints*

Here's to my uncle (who, along with my new aunt, had incredible news to share *winks*), my aunt, and the little girl in pink - Happy Birthday to all three of you! May you have a great year!

Pei Yen was casting spells on everyone that night, with her signature shrill so high pitched blaring in the background.

Was I transformed into a fish or mango now? I can't remember.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Colourful on the other side.

color splash Pictures, Images and Photos
Image from Photobucket :
Those having exams are probably standing on the black and white shore,
just wanting and waiting to jump in.
(now that's some Literature waffling exercise for me)

Alright. Let's get down to it. As quick as possible my update shall be.

Well, I've survived three gruelling papers and that is just one-third of it. We haven't even gotten to the tough papers yet. I don't think I can talk about it.

I'm stuck in maths (not uncommon but absolutely stressful to bear) and decided to update my blog after completing a past year.

I have to start my Literature and Chemistry soon.

I got to go. Conscience bothering me.

See you in a week!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stop. Short.

I gather I've been telling myself to do this for a while now, but never actually managed to commit myself to it.

And from today onwards, the next three weeks will be wholly, though miserably, dedicated to examinations. There are three papers each week, all of which, curiously enough, were arranged rather neatly. No more excuses.

Of course, I never like blogs in their dormant or dead form. I guess I'll update, but not as fast as I would prefer.

Now I stop. Short. It's way better than the one-month sugar abstinence, so let's do this!

I will survive, I will survive, I will survive...

PS. Thank you for stopping by, neighbour! =)

Friday, January 8, 2010

In the midst of confusion

The title says it all.

There's the 'letter' I've been waiting for but has not come. Could it have gone into Spam? Well, some people have been casting cold spells on me. "CHILL!" they say, and now I'm freezing.


Sorry for the pun.

Then it's the Chemistry questions on buffer solutions which I really have to work on, and the several Economics questions on private and external benefits.

What is more, I'll have to forgo a satay outing this Sunday! NO!!

To just sum it all up:

Late Letter + Cold Spells + Buffer Solutions + Private and External Benefits + Maths in general + (other variables that jumbled up with all my other facts) = CONFUSION

Yes, you can tell that I'm really confused. Maybe I just need to unwind before the television.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Just nice that I have a craving for Japanese food. Mummy decides to roll up some sushi for lunch. Now I'm waiting for Joyce and Vincent to come home from school so that we can get started.

Which reminds me, it's time to update about what I've been so 'mysteriously' up to for the past few days.

My family and I spent New Years at Tropicana City Mall to watch their fireworks. Then we had a dinner with our extended family.

I've burnt some 6 hours as an intern for college orientation with Chiah. Too bad we didn't have more time, otherwise we could use our opening speech before the juniors, eh?

"Hello guys. We're Rachael and Rachel. You know why you're lucky to have us as your tour guides? Cause we're Rach(a)el square and the rest are roots!"

We intended to let the silence sink in and reveal the "punni-ness" that lies ahead.

As of now, I'm stuck at the table trying to concentrate on the subjects, having to forgo a satay outing and a gathering this weekend. And when I'm not doing that, I'm online thinking that I should go back to the books.

I guess that's my sushi cue. Cheers!

PS. I have an intense want to buy stationery.