Sunday, June 29, 2008

New 'Baby' in Town

Wow. Wow. Wow. I love this place. It's fantastic!

Forgive me for being the kind of person who enjoys ransacking bookshops stationary shops and art & craft shops, and not clothes boutiques or anything like that.

Where we live, shops come and go really quick. When we arrived at that new shop, just to take a look around, I can say it was like giving candy to a child. Alright, there were few people, but hopefully it's just because it's new.

Rows and rows of neatly stacked stationary and books, and what's more, there's two storeys brimming with all sorts of stuff --- bags, trinkets, and well, food..! When I say neat, I mean, really neat and compared to some of the other usual bookstores, the variety is astounding. Price-wise, I can't be too sure. I'll have to give it a check.

All in all, I'm giving it a thumbs up. Yipee ya ya, now we don't have to go far to indulge in stationaries and my post-exam-project that I will begin with immediately after the big 'battle'.

Check it out on the corner lot---'Campap'---wonderful.

Happy Birthday, Yu Ning '08

Happy Birthday, Yu Ning!

You are the one with the bone-tickling jokes.
Undeniably the one always up for a challenge.
Never pretentious, forever yourself.
In spite of tension, can heal it as easily as it comes.
Noisy yet secretive, though hard to explain, it is true in a good way.
Genuine goodness stirred in a pot.

Having known you since Form One, I found it wonderfully easy to share thoughts with you, be they random gossips, memories, or chit chat. You're friendly to all, and modest even when showered by praise. Yes, and of English essays that speak of bikini-clad maidens upon sandy shores. And knowing what shocks the wits out of Mei Yee when she shocked the wits out of me. And knowing how to untangle me when I'm a little hay-wired.

Here is your surprise Extravaganza and BBQ Chicken we had with Genevieve, Adeline, Grace and Ying Jee yesterday. Remember? All that "short distance" walking is worth it.

Now that you are 17, there's lots of adventures to pursue. Perhaps one day we'll carpool with you at the wheel. May your year be juicy with head-spinning happiness.

Happy Birthday!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Last March

It all came down to this.
All the time sacrificed to march up and down the fields,
all the aches and burns and lethargy,
all the spurts of creative juices just to weave a formation,
all the emotions,
all the dedication.
They'd be lying if they said they didn't want to win.

It all came down to this. After the last few practices early in the morning, contingents of all colours stood aligned behind the hall, butterflies struggling to escape the depths of their stomachs.

Things are different if you're part of Sports Day. It's definitely different when you look around to find familiar faces around you. Aaa...Joyce, Hsu-Cherng and Natasha up-and-ready in Red, Chai Mei in Blue, Huey Lin in Yellow, Yuet May in Purple, and finally managing to bring in Mei Yee(now addicted to marching) in Green, along with Sooi Kee and reuniting with Chee Min yet again.

The road to the front of the stage seemed so short yet so long. Everyone was oblivious to their surroundings. Timing."Kiri, kiri, kiri, kanan, kiri!" as loud as possible. Hands, 90 degrees. Mascots, without their antics, anxiety might take over me.

There we were soon enough, lashing out all we could.

Four Leaf Clover Animated Divider from

Some gave us thumbs up. Others told us to not put high hopes. It was enough to pull us into doubt. The past two years flashed in my mind. There is pressure to mantain 1st place for the third consecutive year. 2nd place, for all we know, was far enough.

Thanks, Genevieve and Yu Ning, for giving me a smile again. Even if you didn't know you did.

What's done is done.

Four Leaf Clover Animated Divider from

With every mention of a win, roars of cheers pierced through the wind. Things are different when you are part of it.

It was obvious who would win first place for marching. Sooi Kee felt we were bound to lose, and she could see I was in anxiety. No one wanted to be the cause of the Green House downfall.

But, well, we still have a chance. Maybe a slim chance. I mean, even if we don't win, I'd have been part of two wins out of my three years of marching, right?

"Naib Johan ialah...(2nd place goes to...)"


"Rumah Hijau.(Green House)"

I never knew we could scream that loud, or jump in such a hysterical manner.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Heartfelt Gratitude

I had a nightmare last night, which seemed as real as it can be, and certainly shook me out of my slumber. A sign, I thought, that today could appear like the dreaded dream.

Yet, as if a little angel was by my side, with the 'swish' of a finger, making sure that I get the best out of my day, making sure that today goes as well as possible.

Be it coincidence or fate, I was not the only one celebrating his or her birthday today. From a distant class a birthday song reached my ears. Of course, I got my share of it, from several fellow Angsanians in an accoustic version, and a rap version at the canteen from my other beloved pals(you know who you are---Mei Yee, Puei San and Huey Lin)...

Thank you...

...for all the birthday wishes that made my day when it seemed as if the day was about to go off track. And that of the SMS-es that melted my heart---Mei Shan, Melissa, Yen Ni, Sue Hui, Berku & Berkim, and May Hsim. Not forgetting Genevieve and Sooi Kee.

...Joyce, for the wonderful dreamcatcher you got for me. Where it will drip the happiest of dreams into my sleepy head. And for bearing with me the entire day. Yes, goodness knows what will happen to me tomorrow.

...CE and Ber E for the beautiful bag that you made sure I didn't open until today. Haha...really tested my patience over the week. And I can't wait to flaunt it about when I go out.

...Wen Lian, for the present that blooms from the sweetness of your heart. And for spending so much time on it, that you had to stay up until two. I will await for its birthday message to spurt out and spread its twirling arms.

...Wah Heng, for the pen. So sorry if I was rather surprised at first. It's really kind and thoughtful of you for carving a smile on my face...and Aaron...for the...err...thought. Just kidding, it's nice of you to think of that.

...Mei Shan, for the blogpost that you must have written with such care and heart-warming words that hurtled me into a realm of nostalgia. Know that for now and for always, I appreciate our childhood friendship that, like a fairytale, never has to end.

Other thanks to the rain, for pushing the sun behind the clouds during marching practice.

I am grateful for being proven that nightmares are not supposed to spoil my day, especially on a day '6 months before and after Christmas'. I guess they are the 'angels' swishing their fingers. Thanks, guys, for everything.

Monday, June 23, 2008

"So are you going to prom?"

"So are you going
to prom?"

Everywhere, it is this that they ask. The same questions filling the conversations of most Form 5 students at every corner of the school. The big news for the next few months, spreading like wildfire by word of mouth.

"Yes." Comes the voice of enthuastics.

"No." Comes the voice of those who prefer not to, or feel financially unable to.

"So, Rachael, are you going to prom?" Ahh...the question finally thrown in.

"Hmm...maybe." I'm one of those trapped in the middle. Unsure about what would happen. Yet silently yearning to. All that is left is but a little persuasion. And I can't help but wonder, should I?

It's about a week after SPM, which means decisions must be made soon. It's after SPM, which means it's about the only time I can spend time with my friends before we go our separate ways. It's not about the money(telling myself, it's a normal pricing), they say, or the formal attire we are to relentlessly search(and for me to reluctantly wear), or the food, or the expectations people get from watching American proms(it's definitely not like what goes on screen). It's the company.

So here I am left to ponder upon the question. "You are?" Was what I got from some of my friends, their eyes wide and in surprise. Perhaps it is a rather surprising thing if I should go. Hmmm...

Yes, so I can't help but wonder yet again.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

In the eyes of a Reader

In the eyes of a Reader, the words dance about the surface, a seductive charm that absorbs readers to a world parallel to their own.

In the eyes of a Reader, the story takes place not on the paper but in the refuge of imagination.

In the eyes of a Reader, enchantment fills the room with every flip of the page.

In the eyes of a Reader, the tip of the pen is mightier than that of a sword.
It can arouse addiction.
poison them with words of an author in hatred.
provoke beliefs.
chill the nerves to the spine.
strike hearts with agony,
or blissful happiness.

In the eyes of a Reader, nothing is impossible.

In the eyes of a Reader, there is hope for happily-ever-afters.

"Magic worlds where the impossible becomes the everyday" -Part of the lyrics from 'Stories'

In the eyes of a Reader, stories give them strength to face tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008



A dreamcatcher is a traditional Native American work of art in the shape of a spider's web. The bead represents the spider and the hole in the middle of the loop acts like a sieve. Adorning it are feathers or personal items. For them, the dreamcatcher is a tradition of importance, as it protects a sleeping child from the horror of nightmares. It is believed that by hanging this charm over your bed, as that person sleeps through the night, good dreams will filter through the center hole and slip down the feathers into the sleeper. The bad dreams will be entangled in the web and with the rays of the young sunlight, disappear into nothingness.

Dreamcatcher Symbolism
hoop =
circle of life
points (where web meets hoop)=
7 for seven grandfathers who renders with prophesy
8 for eight legs of the spider
13 for thirteen moons

Monday, June 16, 2008

Hari Kantin

It is rather heart-breaking to know that this was my last Hari Kantin. Times go by so fast, yet everything stays the same. All the clubs offering temptations of delicious food and drinks, all the people on duty throwing sweet words to lure potential buyers, to crush the competition. And the students all with their pocketful of money ready to support their club and, well, eat.

It really is the same, as always. Only that it isn't. There's something about the day so bustling that makes me feel like I'll miss this. And getting to share the costs with Mei Yee so that we'll get to try more varieties.

Only to find that there aren't. They were mostly sweet stuff. Either that or they are too expen$ive. The honey chicken tasted good (the supposedly best-seller of last year) Glad it was a different twist.

Imagine ghostly figures moving across the school as if time were speeding by and but glancing past. Imagine them fading into the background along with the distant laughter. Imagine an empty space with a few students cleaning up. The ending of this years' Hari Kantin...just like that.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day ''08

Happy Father's Day, Pa!!

It's your 17th year of fatherhood. Hope you have a great time indulging yourself in 'Wolf of the Plains', running about through the adventures with Genghis Khan. And the best of luck when in Germany.
And for now.
And for always.

Though we may not shower him with praise
Nor mention his name in song,
Though sometimes it seems that we forget
The joy he spreads as he goes along,

It doesn't mean that we don't know
The wonderful role that he has had.
And away down deep in every heart
There's a place that is just for Dad.....
– Anonymous

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Burning Earth and Marchers

Global Warming is on the RISE!! That's why marchers are getting sunburn day after day!!

Thanks to Mei Shan's advices over MSN (ps: missing her in Australia), I shall take the necessary precautions to avoid being further baked.

1. Use Sunblock. - Hmm... what's the highest SPF? The higher the better??

2. Use Cap. - I wonder where they've gone to...Better check everywhere.

3. Drink lots and lots of water. - That's so that I don't resemble a dried up prune by the next month.

4. Treat burns with lotion. - Unsure where to get this kind of lotion but I think I can survive post Sports Day without it. Or can I?

5. Wear clothes that don't absorb UV rays. - Erm, white?

Didn't have to do this for two years and now in danger of being the victim of a merciless sun? Sigh.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Sitting through a tuition, I've been told my skin looks really red and reeked of sunburn. Glory! It's okay, I guess I'll have to use sunblock next time. Natural effect, in a way. Always happened before, and it'll take time to go off.

Now heat is radiating from every inch of my body. Goodness! How can someone feel like she's in the oven when the room is supposed to be so cold? And it isn't unusual. You can sit there and actually feel gamma rays penetrate out of your body. Literally.

What can be worse? A sore throat?? Water should do the trick. But tuition went by uncomfortably and I was fatigued.

What is with my skin? Hot and it's itching a little. Great. I better look for something to release body heat. I'm going need a lot next week.

This didn't happen that much for two years. Two! And all this just proves that global warming is serious. Save the Earth!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

On Marching

So I'm not the kind to enjoy sports, but it's different when it comes to marching. Why? I don't need to run exhausting miles or jump like a kangaroo to get points, that was my first thought, in fact, when I voluntarily signed up two years ago. Haha.

Okay, to honestly admit, joining the Green House Marching Team is something I will never regret. After a few weeks, it must have gotten under my skin, somehow. On Wednesdays that strike me with the blues, a little marching was what it took to get my spirits back up. A way to forget things that burdened my mind. It's the sort of unexplainable feeling.

And what's more, choosing to be in the Green House Marching Team instead of anything else definitely made a big difference. Anyway, I wonder what it'll be like this year, with our hopes high and all. We've had to stay back today for marching practise. Boy, oh boy, my skin will be half cooked by the end of the month. Though it was all basic marching today, I felt great.

What I really like about it? Being part of something I know I will look back and be happy about.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Crossroads: Should I stop?

Should I? Or should I not?

I'm at a crossroad. Two paths. One tells me I should stop. One tells me I should continue, to end what I've started. Only that, in a way, I feel like I have already made a decision, and I know which I'd prefer. The problem being that I'm afraid that looking back, I'd regret. I love what I'm doing, no doubt about that. Still, I'm being pressured to make a decision I have been dwelling in deep thought for a long time.

The first path is predictable. I know what happens. I'd have to work really hard and put in 150% of my time in it. Perhaps even have to endure a whole lot more of yellings. The second path seems lonely. The end seems so dark and so far away I can't tell what will happen. What I will feel.

Asking around, I've been given different opinions. I know it's mine that counts. Dare I choose that path? Time is running out.

Cinema: Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian

After so long of anticipation, my family and I finally decided to take our first step into the cinema. Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian!! Along with us were my cousins, Pei-pei and Jason.

So what did I think about the movie? I have to agree that it is slightly dark for a Disney production. While war scenes weren't a problem for me, too much of Death really was daunting. Maybe it's to add the intensity, but who wants to see so many creatures die in such a way? Quite different from the first movie, where all's well end's well.
But if you look at it from another point of view, the story is spell-binding, absolutely. It has a tinge of 'Lord of the Rings', with all the graphics and special effects, yet retaining its originality. Yes, so you can say I was rather taken in by all the fantasy. I like it!
It made me wonder what it would be like to be part of such a world. Hmmm...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hometown rendezvous

Wonderful moments call for wonderful pictures. Having said that, I must add that cousins really make your day, especially when they are all bags of funnybones, ready to pound your stomach with a single sentence.

Only that it makes parting harder to bear.

Very hard to bear.

I'll be counting the days.