Monday, June 29, 2009

Sweet Surprise

Luck's lovely little way of telling me that everything is going to be alright and I should feel happy! Then it hit me all at once.
  • That day when I chased after Vincent because he'd been carrying some mysterious object.
  • My auntie telling me not to chase him because she said I'll know later on. (haha I see...)
  • Mummy's sudden urge to snip stuff off magazines (hey! that's my job!)
  • Joyce has a file with my pictures in it. (I smell something...)
  • Mei Yee's mum asked me if I got the letter several weeks before, and all I could say was..."What letter?". Later on Mei Yee said she had 'no' idea what it was. (Can't believe I fell for that)
  • Mei Shan said, "with Joyce's help too..."(huh?)
  • Hazel asked, "So do you like your present?" (My parent's one? HUH? What are we talking about again?)

My eyes welled up and almost spilled. I get it now. Thank you, Joyce and Mummy for compiling it all, snipping the quotes, finding the photos and asking around for people to submit an entry. They've recently agreed to not collaborate when making scrapbooks again.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I had to flip through it over and over again so that everything can be absorbed in. They say it's for me to hold on to if or when I study abroad. That got me saddened for a while. Is everything really going to change that fast?

With each turn the memories flashed before my eyes. What I find most touching is the messages. With every message the voice bubbles from the surface of the page, as if a little tape recorder sticks onto it.

From my family...thank you for being there for me. I like the fact that both were put next to each other. Clans are crowds, aren't they? And the more the merrier?

From my friends... I can't post them all here but you know who you are. My sister could only find those who have been friends since childhood and those who have 16-year-old siblings in her class, by the way. So don't feel disheartened, I really cherish your way of delivering birthday wishes. Thanks for making that difference in my life.

Hazel, this is to your question which I didn't know what to answer at first. It's like a ticket to a roller coaster ride, taking me on a ride with my emotions. Shock then happy then slightly sad. Still, like roller coaster rides, I LOVE IT! And I really adored the bookmark you made. It'll be with me on all my literary adventures!

I'm too touched for words. How else to end it? Life is a celebration.

Have a nice day.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


I had my first driving lesson today. Not that bad, considering the wittiness of the lecturer. The hours, however, made it impossible for anyone human to entirely awake half the time. Given that we had no choice but to sit way behind, I had to endure a bunch of inconsiderate guys with three ears (one to listen to the lessons, one for music, and one for chit chat) and a couple flirting.

Okay, I shall not dwell on that. Something else weighs down on my friend and I.

I HAD to find out that way, what better than the day before my birthday, and the confusion prolonged itself to the actual day.

Amidst the stress of making arrangements for this activity, I decided that taking a look at our hard work. Wonders, awesome photos and fantastic memories crept back to me, slowly diminishing the pressure. Until.

Shock. It hit me like a meteor. "Don't get angry this week, be happy..." That little voice whispered to me. So flipping the pages backwards and forwards, I stared at the pages. Is it supposed to happen? NO! How could it? All of them are ours, with 2/3 mine!

We asked for explanation and got none back, only more questions. Will they investigate this? We don't know, half doubting so. There's no way it can be changed, but it has to change!

All because I want the week to be a happy one, so calm I seemed. Now that it's coming to an end, it's time to demand answers. And a solution.

Do you know the most painful torture any writer can endure? There are other things that can hurt them, but they'll know what the deepest cut is. It stabs straight to the heart.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Ouch-ing with Shermaine!

First ever outing with Shermaine! With most of our other mates we know either studiously congregating in Australia, having college classes or school classes, we decided that two is a huge number already!

To and fro from Borders and MPH, we scouted for books and books galore! Someone needed a book to complete her first reading assignment...hehe. Swooping pass the shelves, we made our way to the fantasy section, which usually churned out favourite reads. Guess what we discovered? Vampires are overrated. (Can you imagine how many teen novels portray handsome vampires? ARGH! Buffy rocks!)

Then there are secrets to be shared, which we shall keep between us both.

Rather unsure about what to have for lunch, we opted for Italiennies (and now she knows why not the Apartment). Somehow, we concluded that the place is slightly posh for us. The moment we sat down, the waiter came up and started shaking this bottle. We thought he was going to pour it into glasses and make us drink it!!

Then he poured in on a plate, with us two clueless about what was going on. Later on we realised that it was olive oil with vinegar.

"Are we supposed to...erm...dip the bread in this?"

"I think try first..."

"Maybe we should wait till the waiter leaves..."

After gawking a little at the prices, we took smoked salmon pizza. Haha, Japan vs Italian?

Let's DIG IN!!
As for drinks, we ordered flings! Translated into fruit punch in an average dictionary. There weren't descriptions of what they were, so we went with what sounded alright. And we noticed something.

My 'Tropical Breeze' was EXTREMELY sweet, and Shermaine's 'Casablanca' was EXTREMELY sour!! We decided to rotate between the drinks. Haha, I have to agree with you on this, Sherm, sugar and spice! It pretty much sums up how our friendship almost is like, right?

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. So sweet it makes the back of my teeth hurt a little.

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. So sour that it hurt hers too! So with mirror effect we ouch-ed ouch-ed.
"Well, I guess maybe we shouldn't have eaten this then."

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Six months before and after

Here comes a day so quaint and queer.
So quiet, yet to me so dear.

It's different now, a fact I know.
And one like me must go with the flow.

Cast away what I encumber.
Grin at those who do remember.

Six months before and six months after.
With every wish it brings me laughter.

I even have to work later on.
I'm left to feed on dreams foregone.

I'm sure good luck will grant me protection,
so long it's there, my day is of perfection!

Why on earth am I blogging in rhyme?
Sure is one post I'll remember with time.

And maybe it's because it's so quaint a day.
So I hope now to stay jolly in every which way.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Commemorating Fatherhood

To the One and Only,

No doubt the journey of a father is tough and unpredictable, which is why I can only say congrats on entering your 18th year of fatherhood. You've always been there for us through good and bad times, knowing just what to say (or what to do) when something happens.

And equally as happy when we've achieved something.

Thank you for all that you've done for us...the cloud of happiness when we need cheering up...the shelter when troubles befall us... bringing us for yummy treats... putting our satisfaction as a priority...and making sure we can see our direction in life.

We may have missed the Sushi King promotion but that's not stopping us!

Look what the conveyer belt brought in!

Juicy salmon wrapped sushi delight!

Yummy treats!

And tea...

"Makan PUAS-PUAS..."

We LOVE you!!
A father is always making his baby into a little woman.
And when she is a woman he turns her back again.

~Enid Bagnold~

Monday, June 22, 2009

Tag : A to Z friends

Tagged by Sabrina

Name a friend from A to Z

A - Amirah
B - Ben
C - Christopher
D - Diedre
E - Elisa
F - Foong
G - Genevieve
H - Hazel
I - Isabelle
J - Joyce
K - Kevin
L - Lai ML
M - Mei Shan
N - Natalie
O - Ong Ee--
P - Pei
Q - Qian (Zi)
R - Reuben
S - Stephanie
T - Tong Sherm--
U - (empty slot)
V - Vincent
W - Wen Lian
X - Xing
Y - Yee (Mei)
Z - Zi Qian

1. Can L and S get together in BGR?(boy-girl relationship)
Not since they're both girls.

2. How is L related to you?

3. Does Y know Z?

4. If C betrays you, will you kill him/her?
Nay. Besides, he won't betray me. Innocent enough.

5. If K steals your boyfriend what will you do?
That'll be awkward.

6. If B tells you that he/she has a crush on you what will you do?
lol He's talking in Physics.

7. Will you and M get into a fight?
Never so far. And hopefully never ever. *smiles*

8. Who does K have a crush on now?
Haha I don't think he'll tell me.

9. If L calls you ___(not putting it here) what will you do?
I'll assume she's discussing biology. haha I don't know, it'll crush me.

10. What's the relationship between you and E?
Friends. XD

11. Who does Z like?
Haha not that I know.

12. Who is I's best friend?
hmmm... I only recently knew herXD

13. What colour does Y like?
Green! (Green house go!)

14. Where does F live?

15. Did you and C have a fight before?

16. Who is H's best friend?
Hoping it's V but not sure about that now.

17. What can you say about T?
Partner in crime. (Find those 'sweets'!)

18. If J tells you he/she has a crush on you?
She's singing the tune to David Archuleta's 'Crush'...

19. Who is G's idol?
lol I don't know.

20. Tag 10 people
Not tagging this time.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Algorithm March Video!

For those who have seen this video, you're probably smiling. For those who've heard me yapping on and on about it, or if this is your first time, you should learn the steps too!

So if you don't have video games at home like 'Mario' etc, all you need is a bunch of sponataneous friends to have a hilarious time!

I have no idea how Japan can come up with such creative dances. Oh yes, and all around the world, this Algorithm March has also been performed. Encouraged to watch and have a jolly heartfelt laugh.

Check it out!!!

Have a WONDERFUL day!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Knob to Turn Time

I honestly think that sometimes, we should have this knob that could rewind time, adjusting it to the moment when everything was charmingly simple. And if anything was like that, it had to be those nights having English lessons.

No, serious! It may seem weird for you, yet, well, looking down the road, I've been there for at least 6 years. If I shut my eyes and run back up the road, it'll come streaming back to me.

My first class. Watching 'The Man in the Iron Mask'. Then the huge new premise with the gloriously large library. During breaks, as if a fire alarm, students from other classes roaring from the corridors, chasing sometimes, screaming in the bathroom. The robbery, whose receptionist's cries were initially thought to be screaming in the bathroom.

Friday Nights with the unusually chatty gang. Thursday Nights with a closely knit threesome. And Wednesday Nights (oh now there'll be an empty box in my schedule)...

The Taiping brochure. The humorous writing by children upon the wall. Our writings on the wall. The presentations, movies and language games. Alice-in-Wonderland-Bunny essay. The coloured paper! And all the "fun stuff" (inside joke) that came with it.

A Scene I remember from (gosh!) 2 years ago

"We want Teacher Jo." ~Hazel and Vincent~

"No, we'll get her again this year!" ~Joyce~

"No, WE will!" "Nope!" "How would you know?" "We'll see."

All the way up the lift they argued and argued. Then they awaited her arrival.

She walked into our class.

She didn't see the shocked faces as she slammed the door behind her. Those who saw me laughing hysterically then now know why.

I guess she does bring the "fun stuff". She's hilarious! It seemed almost as if chasing a drama, a weekly dose of laughter, even dark comedy and her 'cicak-paranoia-cum-phobia'. Something is bound to pop up each time. Our last lesson gave me a tummy ache! (DEAR someone, you should have came for it. AHA, you can't kill my brain cells from here)

And along the way there were people who came and left, sometimes without a trace. Then there are the ones who were here till the very end of it all. There are those I enjoy gossiping with, those whom I take pleasure in scaring (to the extent that they think I'm evil), those who are simply too hard to decipher (or how shall I put it...they had 'unique' perspectives), those who talk too much, or talk too little, childhood friend, supposedly-like-childhood friend, partners in crime...

I always knew I'll miss the lessons, preparing myself to face the end. Guess now I'll have to live with without it.

Yoda, Hamster, Bunny

The Thursday threesome just after our final exam together.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shipped off to NS

Wen Lian is one of the several people I know who were shipped off to NS, so we celebrated her 18th birthday on Tuesday (day before she left) to make up for when she's not around.

The six of us gathered at 'Chef Loong' for the farewell. From left to right: Melly, Jo, me, Wen Lian, Sasha and Linston.

Dear Wen Lian, thank you for being such a great friend and being my buddy since Form 4. Somehow Angsana would not be the same without you. You've helped me get through Prada. When things became too heavy, you were there to help carry the burden. And I won't forget the Physics 'lessons', saucy secrets, and 'At the Beginning' from the Anastasia Soundtrack.

For some weird reason, she's going off to Negeri Sembilan too, well far off so visiting will be a challenge. Why there?

Be strong there. Bear with the food. Enjoy all you can. Make friends. Keep in touch. Miss us. Don't miss us too much. We'll be there to greet you in 3 months time.

Sigh, I know changes are bound to come and turn the world around, especially this year and many other years to come. Sometimes I feel like turning back time to what was. Only this time I'll tie it up so it won't ever slip away again.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

On Final Note

Now I'll leave behind a final note on the workshop and some other photos on it so you may grab all you want. 3 of the following were grabbed from other blogs. What to post on? What we learnt? How about that? Here goes nothing.

Be comfortable before the lens.

Don't judge books by their cover, or towns by their silence.

You don't know who may change your perspective.

No job is easy.

Things can get 'bittersweet' at times.

But you just have to let loose and not let anything hold you back.

Besides, some things won't end after BRATs
Just have fun while it lasts!

Enjoy your day!

PS I'm enjoying myself as I post them up. Hehe. Since I don't have a Facebook, you can grab the photos here.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

BRATs Day Three

Day Three: Final Day for me since CPE was on the next day. The others left on the 4th day. Nevertheless, it was still stuffed with fun.

That day marked out second, final, and heaviest assignment ever. 2 articles, 1 photo essay, 1 video and 1 food review. If you had counted the group presentation later that night then you'll have to add in 1 performance as well.

The high point is that they brought us to Kuala Kangsar. While other groups went to see how the rebana and labu sayong is made, we got the entire old town to scout for interesting shops. Let the pictures do most of the talking. Thank you, Caryn, the photographer of the day!XD

After hours of interviewing, our lunch became our subject for the food review. The cendol was good and supposedly the laksa too. Knowing that many would stimulate their taste buds with the same food, it was thrilling to find a good road stall with something different. The rojak sauce was lip-smacking!

The highlight? There were truly wonderful characters who welcomed us with smiles, most of which were ready to give us a hand, some extremely enthusiastic and generous.

Yes, truly amazing characters there.

And I don't just mean the locals.

Thank you, Janice, for the lift to Perak, and the wonderful companionship, and for reminding me that I've a little 'evil' side waiting to ...hehehe...

And thank you, Radhika and Chelsea, for being such sweet room mates who would help buy labu sayongs and keep tiny secrets. I'll keep in touch, promise!

Sure, we had to rush through the pile of workload until 11pm. The group presentations were diverse and made my tummy roll about with laughter. I can't wait to show you the "Algorithm Match" video too. You'll love it!

Leaving was hard. Just so hard. And it was a long way back.

PS. My photo with the 'Green' theme. Suits the end of this post, don't you think?