About this blog

This is the old blog of Rachael Lum, written from 2008 to 2012.

Rachael's presence in the blogosphere started with Four Leaves to a Clover. For as long as she had it, her memories and fragments of her writing grew around its walls like tendrils around a fortress. Green and living. A garden. A forest.

And now even though she has grown out of it, this blog is very dear to her.

Rachael now writes elsewhere. Do check it out: http://tellerofhertales.wordpress.com/

You can still follow her other footprints:

Portfolio  Read some of the articles and bits of fiction she has written here.

Linkedin Profile  Click here to see her professional profile.

Twitter  @RachaelLum

Goodreads  She's keeping track of the stuff she reads here.

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