Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Looking back at 2008

In a flicker of a moment, we've come to an end for one year --- exhausting, soul-clenching, emotional, memorable, sensational year, packed with so many events that immediately turned our lives around.
Turning 17 is a roller coaster ride.

Studying isn't it all

You've got to let loose sometimes

A rainbow comes with every rain.

Family will always be there

They'll always be right behind you

Friendships don't have to end

Never with distance

Never with time

Any little thing can change your life

Staying close to tradition never fails
But sometimes changes work for the best

It just takes new perspective
Chong Wei may not have brought the gold back

And being 17 may spin your head into circles

But you have to put that behind you

So that you have time to cherish those unforgettable moments

And experience what is new in life

Then indite a post on a new addiction

All it takes is to believe in yourself

And know that there will be people sticking to you...

Besides you can always wish for a better year.


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

You've conquered PMR!

Random flashback: When I was in Form 3.

"So..." My Form Teacher said. "What do you think you got for Chinese?"

Gulp. She had to ask that. Then again, I suppose I was more nervous about that subject than any other of the eight. Oh dear, I thought, with such a question, it could be no higher than a credit(C).

"Erm..."I paused. "I'm not sure."

Looking into that paper rushed blood to my brain. Then euphoria. The next thing you know, the girl beside me squealed and yanked me back into reality. At the same time, a bunch of friends pounced on me with the same question, "So how did you do?"

My mum would be sending at least eight messages about the results. The next day few days, a series of congratulations.

Back to reality: You'd realise in time that back then when in your eyes, it is a MAJOR situation, now it is not so.

My sister and two other cousins face the final step of the painful ordeal. It was time to find out what PMR would pave for them. Once being part of that 'group', I cannot blame them for being this jittery.

One in PJ. One in Negeri Sembilan. One in Penang. Yet stressed up over the same thing.

Oh well. Good news came back. So the same thing happens every time. The news spreads like wildfire, we go out for a treat, and the next few days, thank the congratulations that come.

And so comes mine. Congratulations!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Take it with Cousins

Take One: Bukit Tinggi
Stuffed in a carBunnies!Swan Lake!From left to right:
Natalie, Pei Pei, Christopher, Vincent, me, Stephanie, Joyce

Take Two: Kuala Selangor

Well, the firefly population seems to be diminishing...but the joy of seeing one glow on the tip of your finger! The highlight of the day is the wacky spontaneous interview with 'Santa' on the way back, with me as the interviewer on the talkshow, and Natalie as the jolly guy. Maybe I'll post that up, if I can. We were laughing our way home!

Take Three: Sunway Lagoon

Take Four: Movies

It's great to be with them. Spreads the wackiness around.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas 08

Haha, sorry for not updating for so long. Especially not after Christmas.

We had a massive Christmas dinner with my mum's side of the family. (Oh yes, I mean massive)

First course is pizza, with side dishes. Second course, turkey(which apparently was supposed to feed 10 people but lasted two days for 18) Third course, bread pudding. Fourth course, small chocolates from abroad. And the final course, Pa's cake. By which my stomach felt like a balloon.

Talk about a gourmet meal.

Of course, we did have board games, and we did open presents, but the food really did take up the entire blog.

The pictures are in the other camera, so this time, I'll give it a pass.

Till then! Hohoho!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

6H Reunion Year 5!

Never forget the 6H reunion! That is, the annual gathering for our fellow Standard 6 classmates(which was last Friday but had some problems uploading the photos)! Familiar faces popped up, these are the ones regularly showing up throughout the years. Then there were the face which injects into you a sudden shock and amazement at the changes!

In other words, being back together is a great idea.

Eating at Pasta Zenmai was pretty expensive but very much satisfying! Thanks Yen Ni (for being a trusty co-organiser though you couldn't come) and Caely (for helping us book a wonderful restaurent though you couldn't come)!

Even had a photo of us 5 years ago to compare...

After lunch, we made our way to the bowling centre. While mine whizzed along the 'drain', quite a number 'striked' and 'spared'. Gosh, I have to brush up.

Now to frame up the sessions!

If there's anything to be said when being with them, it's a sense of belonging. We were quite a 'rojak' class, a little bit of everything...and boy, our class had drama. So it is pretty fun to see how everyone ended up after so many years (5, actually) And I'm glad to say all's well.
Till next year then!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Immortalised symbol of Christmas

Do you know what this picture represents?
X-mas tree Pictures, Images and Photos

Yes, I do mean this picture, and I assure you it is not just some tree with a single ornament weighing it down. Little may you know that this is a famous Christmas symbol! Can you guess?

Clue: It is from a notable cartoon...

...and comic book series.


Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Pictures, Images and Photos

Yes, it's the all time favourite Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang! I don't consider fans of these adorable child characters to be old school. In fact, they tug you back into that "lala" land of childhood, bringing back the moments of bliss with the purest of friendship...and everythng seems perfect despite the imperfections...and optimisim even though one would lose every baseball game.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

And up goes the tree!

The tree! The tree! Finally removed from its dusty lair. Time to get the creative juices spilling, though tentatively, we prefer the traditional kind. Hey, we have miniatures and tiny figurines of our own! An elf compared to that at hotels, but it's just as well.

Our own cozy corner!

O Christmas tree!(yes, I'm excited)

Now if you just look past the tree...'ll see a tiny town upon the red carpet...

...where a shop seduces potential customers in...

...where rich desserts adorn the street...

...and a candy shop to spoil sweet tooths...

...along with a workshop normally found in the North Pole (but with such a business, it would have branched out by now).

Yes, it simply gushes high doses of satisfaction with a single glance, and for me, at least, it seems to have placed a spell on my eyes.

Never forget the credits...which also includes our mom!

Time for a Christmas Countdown! Yeah! And Happy Holidays!