Sunday, November 30, 2008

Unwind with Therapy!

It's time to unwind!! Step by step guide on

How to Diminish Long Term Stress

Step#1 - Destructotherapy :

Self-relief through destruction of objects, often equipped with powerful hammers, helmets and safety goggles.

Well, let's rephrase it---self relief through chucking removing of books from tables to shelves or papers to recycling bin, often equipped with cloths and boxes. Time to clean it all up and start a fresh page. And to finally open those long forsaken boxes.

Step#2 - Retail therapy

Shopping with the primary purpose of improving the buyer's mood or disposition.

Spending money on stationaries (never fail to brighten my day!) at Campap!!XD

Step#3 - Recreational therapy :

Leisure activities to diminish or eliminate disabling conditions

Bibliotherapy : An expressive therapy that uses an individual's relationship to the content of books and poetry and other written words as therapy.

Time to rid myself of the dry facts and sink my teeth into juicy fiction again! I've been starving for months now. Currently reading 'Keys to the Kingdom', but anyone has Twilight (the one I keep hearing over and over again)?

Cinematherapy : Catalyst for healing and growth by learning how movies affect us by watching certain films

I've watched High School Musical 3, Madagascar 2, and will be watching Twilight, number 1. Yes, such movies heal the numbness of the mind...

Resocialization : "Re-training" a person so that he or she can operate in an environment other than that which he or she is accustomed to.

I love this therapy session. It's time to join family activities I have tuened my back against, and finally move on to outings with friends. Finally one can return to society.

Virtual reality therapy : Virtual reality technology to treat patients with anxiety disorders, post traumatic stress disorder, and several other medical phobias.

Ace on the internet, media and PS2 games (in moderation). AAAHH...relaxes the mind.

Art therapy : Traditional psychotherapeutic theories and techniques with an understanding of the psychological aspects of the creative process.

I'm going to start scribbling with pen and paper. Can't wait to get started on my scrapbooks too!

Step#4 - Diversional therapy

Divert attention away from anxiety producing problems by incorporating leisure programs into their lifestyles.

Now how shall I co-organise the Std 6 reunion at One Utama in a few weeks time??

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Madagascar 2

Madagascar 2 Pictures, Images and Photos

A second outing(more to come sooner or later)! This time, however, it's a family outing, along with our cousin. This time, we were on our way 'Back to Africa' with Madagascar 2! Yup, the immortalised theme song does get under your skin. "You like to move it, move it!"

After a huge lunch, we had to frantically make our way to the cinema. The movie was AMAZING. It is so much more hilarious than the first movie, and watching it will tickle your funny bone to its core, but there are also some parts will make you go 'Awww...', like the confession of love or of friendship. The main thing, of course, is the comedy, and the entire cinema was roaring with laughter.

I've spoken up to my parents about a few things I intend to do before prom. A girl's a girl after all. What? You ask. Let's keep it as a surprise for now, okay? You'll know when the time comes. All I hope is your jaw doesn't drop with what I'm about to do after so long...What my revolution will bring to shock the WORLD!! MUAHAHA...


No I'm not telling.

Well, I have to go now. Will be leaving for my grandma's place soon. Until next time.

Friday, November 28, 2008

High School Musical 3

Don't get me wrong, I'm not crazy over HSM, just a fan of Disney movies.

What better than to share my first outing since SPM with Yu Ning and Joanne? Yu Ning had a 'buy two free one' voucher. Glad to be going into the cinema after such a long time...thank you so much for the invitation!!

In fact, the HSM 3 was wonderful. Every tune was catchy, you'll laugh one way or another and the storyline was touching. You can say we were reminded of our secondary school, as if we knew what it is like to leave memories behind:

"It’s our last chance, to share the stage
Before we go our separate ways
High school wasn’t meant to last forever
It’s our last chance, for us to shine
To bring you music one more time"

Of course, the difference is that we didn't have an official graduation, nor would prom actually be like that, and we don't break into a song every minute.

Next up on our list was a late lunch at Sushi Zanmai. The food was good, and we had a great time laughing over the funny times.

Let the food do the talking...

And them too...Mmm...

As we walked about, you have no idea how many people we bumped into. I guess everyone's trying to get over their post exam stress.

Then, Joanne and I realised a deep and dark connection we never knew we had. How shocking is it to know that everything and everyone is so close to you, right?

Anyway, thanks, guys, for such a brilliant day. "We're all in this together", ya!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

She's back again!

Took Some Time To Heal.
To Get My Heartbeat Back.
Just When I'm Ahead.
Returning From The Dead ...
She's Back Again...!

I'm back from war! Alive and kicking! And in serious need for some unwinding, that I'll take all the time now to do that.

So how was it all? Well, if you add it all up and average it, I'd say it was alright. Much better than trials. Some, like Biology, were nuclear bombs. Some pacified us at first, then released poison in the end (like Add Maths Paper 2!!). Some were surprisingly easy (we were paranoid over nothing for Chemistry). Chinese was alright, thank goodness. And Literature, I'm happy I managed to finish.

But we'll not talk about that. I thought I'd be jumping off the walls, but then...

It hit me. Hard.

Today is my last day at school. All I remember about today are the photo taking sessions. (Which I will get sooner or later)

I'll never have to stare at the bulky books again.
I'll never wear the uniform again.
I'll be far from friends.

Yet a tinge of happiness remains. I'm ready for my post exam therapy!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Preparing for Battle

I'd like to think that we are all preparing for battle,
struggling to find courage,
clad with the hardest of armour,
armed with weapons strong and swift,
seasoned by past experiences,
fueled by hope.
Precious time is ticking away.
With each passing day,
the intensity rises like a flame flaring into a deadly bonfire.
Soon the battlehorn will send its blaring tune to the ends of the horizon,
and we will be marching into the hall for what is to come.

For the next few weeks or so, I'd be secluding myself from all distractions possible. I hope you don't mind if I take a break from writing, but I'll be coming back...I promise.

For all those taking the dreaded big exam this year, we knew it would come down to this moment. Believe in yourself. I'm trying to at the moment. This SPM wish goes to my friends and cousin!

For those that aren't, this is for achieving your goals, be they to venture to other countries like Cambodia or finding that inner peace.

To finally decide to let go. Here goes nothing.

See you in a few weeks time.

"Believe in yourself."

Saturday, November 1, 2008

And then there is now.

Say I'm being random, say I'm scared. At this point, my nerves are diminishing in number, shutting down with each day. And it's the beginning of November. It hits you so suddenly you just feel like you've been living in a realm of limbo all this while.

Anyway, while I've been going slow and steady in my fortress of books, maybe it's time to put it in full speed ahead. Guess we'll see where it takes me.

PS. How will this year's bunch will fare in the exam? If 2008 really is a good year? If that's so, those who are 17 this year can go "1 + 7 = 8"... 8 = luck...coincidence?