Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Soon to Be in Edinburgh

A few hours from now I will be on a train up to Edinburgh, Scotland.  Edinburgh, the City of Literature and Legends. Mind you, Norwich is inclined towards the arts as well, but if there's one place that has the most fervent stronghold on literature, it has got to be Edinburgh.

Of course, that's the aspect that draws me to it the most. There are all sort of other landmarks there, from malls for the shopaholic and apparently a Surgical Museum for those pursuing the white coat.

If there's one thing that doesn't need be said, it's that I can't wait to be there! Rachel will be travelling with me, and we're meeting Erwan at the station.

What happens when a literature, law and medical student go to Edinburgh? A fantastic mixture of sights and sounds I hope. See you all soon!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Golden Goose

First and foremost, my exams are over! Being one who shuns the pressure of exams, I am particularly relieved of that fact. But that hit me as well. It's Summer... it's officially my summer break! The next few months with absolutely nothing to do...and....my first year is over.

Funny how fast time can be, even when you're on the slow path. After the exam, a few of us had cake outside Nelson's Court. Celebration of the last paper and last time we're a first year.

On Friday, Keb, Sarah, Amy and I went to Amanda's place for her farewell party. She'll be going back to America, and I'm going to miss all the fun times, including all the CWS (Creative Writing Society) meetings, that we've spent together.

Sipping our "cocktail" (fizzy drink that tasted of ginger with some grapes randomly thrown in because of  the amusing way they bob about in the glass) and eating snacks, we had games of Sopio and Blitz. The rules are complicated enough so I'll skip that, but I loved the stick figures on Sopio!
Cocktail, anyone?

To Amanda, all the best in the coming years and may "golden geese flutter to your feet". We'll meet again someday. I just know it.
Group photo (1)
I enjoyed our conversations that stretched our "we should go now" into "let's stay longer". We should do it again!
Group photo (2)
Also, we read the supposedly worst Harry Potter fan fiction online. Due to the atrocious manner of its content and grammar, I cannot find the strength and, more importantly, refuse to post the link here. Search for it and it will definitely turn up. Warning: We did laugh until our heads hurt (purely ironic laughters) over the things he/she wrote.


Ah, the funny things people do.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Rapturous Day

Saturday, 21st May 2011. 6pm in the UK. The day and time the rapture supposedly happened. Where some people are meant to disappear while the rest remain. And I'm updating to inform you that I am indeed still here. For your information, I'm not one to believe in that sort of stuff but the day was...memorable.

7.30pm. As part of the Norwich Fringe Festival, there was a poetry reading at Take 5 in the city by some seniors from the Creative Writing society about the supposed three prevalent themes in poetry 'Sex, Death and Stuff'. It was amazing watching them perform. Basically, they argued why each theme is more significant than the other while we voted for the best argument. 'Stuff' won! So I'm going to go on with the stuff now.

8-ish pm. Next up was a 5-star sock puppet performance by the Scottish Falsetto. Judging by how I understood and managed to laugh at the jokes and antics, I am sure I have lived here long enough to know a great deal of culture, for example, I get the Doctor Who allusions now. Do you know who Doctor Who is?

9pm. Bus to Eaton Park for another festival event.

9.30pm. Amanda, Sarah and I were at Eaton Park watching the Wired Aerial Performance called 'As the World Tipped', which is scarily coincidental considering the day but it was a wonderful show about the environment.

Slipping off the edge among the boxes of documents
Where in an office, environmental protocols are changed time after time after time to aid global warming but nothing is being done. Until it is too late.

Was both dark and awe-inspiring at the same time
Where the whole stage literally tilts and tips. And the performers, supported by wires, are thrown and tossed across the screen towards the end of the world.

Now this is amazing.
To lay down a word of comfort, I don't think 2012 is the end otherwise it would have ended 20 times before. It's probably a year of great changes (whatever that is). Saving the environment is evidently high up on the list. I hope. 

Theme: Be the Change and Demand Change
11pm. Back and watching 'Doctor Who' just because I can and at a mildly unhealthy speed. I'd say it was a great day. Rapturous, even. Now does that count as a "rapture"? Well, I'm still here, aren't I?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Piano. Forte.

Agitato (Italian Musical Term for 'agitated'), Staccato ('short and detached') 

I'm guilty of not updating. Yes. It bothers me, you know, to not have my deleted post returned to where it was. Well. Blogger is doing it's best to do just that after that maintenance issue. Keeps me wondering when it will reappear.

Andante ('in a walking pace') 

Now to push that away from my mind. I've been into the Music Room in the university! It felt wonderful to have the tinkling ivory keys before me again. It felt great to find that the notes, although a little rusty, still flow to the edge of my fingertips to form pieces once stuck in my head.

As far as music goes, sight-reading is not one of my strengths. My ears work better, so I let them choose which songs I would play. The more recent ones that I've learnt include the main theme of Pirates of the Caribbean, I'm Still Here (Jim's Theme) from Treasure Island, I Won't Say I'm In Love from Hercules, Bluebird (Theme Song) from Naruto and Eric Clapton's Tears in Heaven.

That's on top of the other old ones, from Chinese to Malay tunes to movie soundtracks to a Classical piece (I think) which I've heard, liked and played but have no idea who wrote it or even what it's called.

It's a random assortment, like the sweets in a Celebration pack. I'm hungry.

Allegro ('fast and lively') 

That aside, I'm extremely happy that I've managed to tick off all the things I needed to do on my list today. And got positive feedback from various aspects. All I want to do for the rest of the day is have a snack and relax while catching up on shows. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Time to do just that.

ƒine ('the end') 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day in May

When you see playful lambs frolicking and ducklings waddling downstream on a cold evening, accompanied by their protective mothers, you'd naturally remember that Mother's Day is around.

Not in the UK, since theirs is in April, but I'll always celebrate it in May. Or wherever my Mum is.


I hope my card arrives at Malaysia soon.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tour in a Day

My second visitor this Easter Break was May Ling, who came up for a day. And you know what? A day trip is in fact possible, although you don't get to see everything. Well, tours here would mostly consist of the same venues now, so I'll let the photos do most of the work.

Near the cathedral
Aren't the tulips gorgeous? The green carpet of the park had an extra layer of cherry blossom petals, like icing on a cake. A good spot for picnics!
The painting once hidden as a table
We also went to Britons Arms (second time for me) and got to sit in the rooftop garden this time. The weather was good that day so it was pretty comfortable sitting there, although there was an annoying bee. That's besides the point, though. The food is on the pricey side but it's no big fuss since the food is delicious and it's supposed to be traditionally English.

Britons Arms Rooftop Garden
We went into the Castle after that. During the last hour before closure, which is at 3pm, anyone can get into the museum for 1 pound instead of 6. Again, with time constraints, you won't be able to see everything but a couple more trips might cover it anyway!

Norwich Castle

As we headed towards the Market, we walked pass the interesting little shops and a sign in the window of a sweet shop caught my eye...

Golden Ticket, Anyone? 
Of course, you'd know that it's no Willy Wonka experience but it does make you feel like taking part, doesn't it?

Titbits at the Easter Market!
When we reached the Marketplace, lo and behold! There was an Easter market being held right beside it, with more little stalls to look at. Part of it somehow reminds me of the 'pasar malam' (Malay for 'night market') back at home.


Tempting, ain't it?

Another View
Have you watched shows with people selling or eating caramel coated apples? I know I've seen them in movies of medieval times and even that scene in 'Enchanted'! There was a snacks stall selling just that. I couldn't help it.

My delicious chocolate coated apple!
Anyway, the Easter break is ending soon, which means it's time for me to hit the books!