Monday, September 28, 2009

HK Episode 3: Bite into it.

It isn't considered travelling if you don't try the local delicacies. For what is worth, we're Malaysians! Our stomachs are made of steel and our tongues are more than ready to be stimulated by millions of different tastes. Even the tourist guide admitted that there are such thing as 'food tours'!

#1: Dim Sum

Everyone goes for dim sum here! For certain dishes there didn't seem to be much difference than Malaysia, but some makes you salivate for more.

#2: Breakfast

The restaurants we went to in the morning usually have this menu with special breakfast sets. When they say 'Kong Po Mee', it means Maggi Mee, by the way. Not really a delicacy since I noticed the locals go for steak sets.

#3: Wantan Mee

Ahhh....This one really is something. The noodles seem normal, but the wantans were huge, soft, hot, and you can taste each and every huge piece of prawn slices inside.

#4: Smelly Tauhu

Now for the ultimate delicacy ever. Apparantly there used to be one with a strong odour that spread to blocks away, too strong for its neigbours that they were sued.

We tracked one stall down with only our noses.

GOSH! The SMELL!! How to describe? ACRID!! FOUL!! *coughs* *coughs* *chokes*

I'm being perfectly honest when I say it's maladorous, but the fermented tauhu was delicious. We forgot about the smell eventually...

Until we burped.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Exoticism of Tastes

We try not to turn the invitation down. At all costs. It's her famous Moroccan dinner after all! When you have aunts who enjoy travelling around the world, it's something exotic to look forward to.

Her famous Moroccan chicken dish! I'm not sure what the ingredients are but the unique mixture is delicious! If I'm not mistaken, there should be lemon skin and a curious concoction of herbs.

Then there is the pot of kush-kush (top left), which is Moroccan rice (finer and rounder grains that the usual) that leaves behind a soury sensation. And before me, another burst of spices in a vegetable dish.
OH! Speaking of it makes me salivate! I wonder when the next time would be.

We had Korean Fruit Tea and Korean Ginger Tea to wash down what's left of the Moroccan meal. Must be fun to fly across to different countries, and trying the products when you return.
It makes a great dinner!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Be Strong

This is to a friend. Be strong.

I know there is nothing more I can say to comfort you but to be strong.

This is to someone she loves dearly, I'm praying you'll be okay.

I'll come see you definitely, but not this weekend because I won't be free.

I'll round up some people too, and till then stay strong.

We'll be there for you.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Such a busy week, with so much to forgo.

Family members are friends are around but unless there is even a speck of time available, I can't meet them. Assignments and tests are driving me nuts and depriving me of sleep. Then there are obligations which will be taking up my weekend.

It starts tomorrow.

Oh my, I can't afford to wander about like a zombie. What if the conference tomorrow goes by like the picture above? What an article that would make!

Yet there is much to be done. I got to go, more updates another time.

Monday, September 21, 2009

HK Episode 2: Time with the Stars

It was time spent close (enough) to the celebrities of Hong Kong! We've been on the Avenue of Stars on many instances. Overlooking Mongkok on the horizon of the canal, it has a feel of Hollywood with the handprints on the plastered ground.

Here is when I cannot help but say... "Life is the movie. And hey! I'm the director!"

As we walked down the street, we glanced upon the ground, hoping to see familiar names. Think Jet Li, Cecelia Chung, Aaron Kwok etc. Even Michelle Yeoh's is here!

And of course, some bigger names you should know.

Jackie Chan.

Sam Hui

Andy Lau.

Then again, who needs a hand print when we can be closer (enough) to the star himself? DRUM ROLL....

Look here! He's agreed to pose with me!

Okay, okay, enough with the fooling around. Later that day, we visited the Madame Tussuad's Wax Museum, with the many still figures of popular faces.

Just for the record: Andy Lau's wax figurine is the MOST unique of all. Why? If you place your hand or ear on his chest, you can feel and hear the thumps of the pacemaker! OH!!

By the way, I'm letting the pictures talk.

Now I relate to something extremely close (enough) to a Hong Kong star. On the first day, my aunt's hawk eyes spotted a celebrity at the tailors while we were in the bus. Imagine our luck!

I didn't snap photos of him. Come on, he just wanted to mend his shirt! Besides, the moment he saw us eyeing and pointing at him, he walked to the back so that he became a blurry shadow behind a tinted glass.

He's the kind of actor whose face you'll definitely know but may not remember his name. He starred in the series 'Revolving Doors of Vengeance (酒店風雲)'...

Felix Lok! (Know who I mean? No? Nevermind...)

Revolving Doors of Vengeance Pictures, Images and Photos

He's the one furthest to the right. No kidding.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

HK Episode 1: Hit the streets

It's not visiting if you don't walk around the country. Agreed? The streets in Hong Kong may be small and narrow, but the traffic system is really good!

And of course, what is visiting without a camera sitting snugly in your hands?


The Arena of Stars boasts the world's first open laser light show using only the flickering lights of buildings across the river.

So we didn't get to see much of it thanks to the crowd. Still! A moment to be captured!


They even have the world longest escalator! It makes its way all the way to the top...only that you'll have to walk down the stairs after that.

You don't have to guess my next line, do you?


'Ladies Street' is the hot spot for shoppers. We really must take a picture!


My aunts are the master of negogiaters.

Lam Kwai Fong would be the must-go landmark for Hong Kong drama buffs. A Malaysian equivalent would be 'Bangsar'. All I see, though, are there many bars and luxurious shops.

Apparently if you watch dramas with its actors drinking in a bar, this is the most likely location.


"There's one more street we MUST visit."

"Which one?"

We walked to the next road.

"What about this street?"

"In movies, after they get drunk, the actors will vomit here, somewhere near a fire hydrant. Come, take a picture for me."



Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sleepiness + Statistics = Weird Judgement

Someone's bugging me to update now. So here I shall post what happened today before I continue with research.

Our lunch at Chili's today was extremely filling. You'll understand if you've seen the gigantic protions. When we were finally done, our stomachs were bloated as we made our way to Statistics class.

Thanks to that satisfying meal, we were struck by an urge to drift to sleep. Sadly, in class.

When you are half asleep, strange words can appear from the tip of your pen, though not how I thought it would be when I 'woke' up several minutes later.

Original question: A teacher walks, cycles, or drives to school with probability 0.1, 0.3 and 0.6 respectively. If she walks to school, she has a probability of 2.35 of being late. The corresponding probability of being late if she cycles....etc.

In my words(Very squiggly): A teacher walks, cycles and driving (drives) to school with problem. The irresponsibility of being late. The corresponding prob of being late if she does....(more funny terms)

a) Find the probability that she is ending ate us yesterday lively.

Okay, I'm being random.

My advice? Don't eat too heavy meals in the afternoon if you have class.

And definitely don't let your teacher know you've been judging her.

Monday, September 14, 2009

After All Is Done

They say after all is done, the only thing left is a little bit of luck. Or something like that.

After today, I realised that it is true! I don't how it happened, some enchantment might have existed.

It is my lucky, lucky day. Maybe because I've been wearing that good luck charm too (No prizes for guessing what).

It was my lucky, lucky afternoon. Even I'm confused over how everything seemed to fall in place.

Then again, I can't put everything on luck, can I? At least I'll never have to go back to that driving centre again.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


I don't know what's wrong. I think I'm thinking too much.

Am I thinking of Monday? The thought of it really is daunting. They tell me that it'll be fine and everything will come to me along the way. Yet it still sounds terrifying.

Am I thinking of Thursday? Gosh I really need to brush up on my graph drawings.

Possibly the Shakespeare research. I mean, it is counted in my overall results, right? Of course it'll take a long time, and I really need another trip to UM.

No. It could simply what lies in January next year, where notes will be read, panic will be let loose and pens will be scribbling.

I'm thinking of confusing things. If only I can stop over analysing. It'll make life easier.

I think I'm thinking too much.

Now I'm thinking again. Too much.

Okay...this is confusing. I should stop with the thinking!!

Alright then. Full stop.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Gorgeous Labcoats

Deciding that I want to do more art subjects is one thing, never truly forgetting what it was like to do science is another thing.

The instant I saw the lab coats, a surge of awe came over me. Entirely white except for the college logo, putting one on made me feel like a scientist with research to complete.

That's besides the fact that the labs are large, clean and professional looking. We even get to do individual experiments with our own apparatus (unless they are too time consuming), which adds to the enjoyment.

People do wonder why a random Chemistry subject with my other mostly art subjects.

It's not that I'm switching back to science anytime in the future, although the the liberty is there. It's a taste of something I just might miss one day.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A wish to each cousin

This is to four cousins from our little group of ten.

To May Ling and Kien Hsin, farewells are hard to say. May both of you do well overseas. Take care! And you know what? I suppose 10 month would fly by pretty fast, and I'll get to meet one of you again!

To May Hsim and May Ching, major exams come and go. Wishing one of you luck this week, and may you enjoy your holiday after that! Wishing the other one all the best in your Form 3 battle in several weeks time. We know you have what it takes.

And to the rest of the world, Happy!! I'm telling you, today is a good day, and so far things are going great. Don't you think so too?

Friday, September 4, 2009


No doubt you've heard of the movie 'Up'. And falling under the cartoon/animation category, it was on top of my list. The moment Evena asked us, I immediately agreed!

No doubt you've been hearing of countless reviews on how good it is, and as it unfolded before my eyes, all I can do is sprinkle a bit more compliments over the mountain of praises.

Up: Best Team Ever Pictures, Images and Photos

One word, fantastic. It's interesting to find movies with un-recycled comedy that catches you when you are unaware. To balance that, there are many touching moments that pokes at your tear ducts. Back and forth this happens, then there are times where you feel like laughing and crying at the same time.

It makes one feel like going on an adventure.

And the best of all? Everything looks lifelike on the silver screen. The splash of colours and the animation are mouth-dropping. To my artistic friends taking (or thinking of taking) art, do be part something as big as this one day, okay? And be our country's pioneers in motion picture photography!!

Pixar's Up Pictures, Images and Photos

Oh well, can't really let in too much, can I? Go watch.

Up - Carl and Ellie Pictures, Images and Photos

PS. Here are some random hoo-haas.

1. Most of the audience this evening were students.

2. Bumped into How Tian (from BRATs) while we were leaving.

3. Now I get the Alvin Chipmunk joke.

4. Pixar made only 10 films and all were big blockbusters.

5. Disney rocks!

6. I despise public transport during the rush hour.

7. Next on my list are...'Toy Story 3' and The Princess and the Frog'. No, serious.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


It's hard adjusting back to reality. It dawned to me once again.

I had a rough morning, which injected doubt into me. Sigh, back to reality.

And guess what? The bus system is hay wired. Sure, the tickets to my usual bus is now one-way, and saves me RM0.10. Not much of a revolution, is it? Considering that those without enough coins will not get their changes back. I pity those who showed their bus tickets, still taking them for all-day passes, and having to fish out more money just to go home. Yes, back to reality.

And guess what? I've waited at the bus stop for more than an hour and not even a rumble of the engine could be heard. Yes, back to reality.

After a LONG wait, a different bus came. HOORAY! I thought. The tickets to this ride is usually half the price. What's more, I get to go home soon.

And guess what? There's been a bus fare hike! Now we're back to square one. Sigh, back to reality.

Oh! Guess what? There's a new restaurant near my college, with a lovely setting and reasonable prices. Best of all, a new menu to pick from!! Haha, time to explore!

Well, that's back to reality for me.