Monday, July 9, 2012

Symptoms include -

When I got back from the UK, I was frazzled and in a bad state. On the 3rd of July, I'd been lugging my suitcase up and down the stairs and trains of London to get to Gatwick Airport. Somehow it didn't sound as bad at first. Learning things the hard way really knocks sense into your head.

Before I go on, you should know that I'm not good with flights. It seems to worsen each time, as if it's this dark passenger that ages with me. Symptoms include migraines, being incapable of proper speech, lack of sleep and a facial expression that says, "Please don't ask me to direct you to your transfer terminal in an airport I've never even seen."

Well, no one catches the last symptom, really. I still help them whilst in my stupor.

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The first flight to Dubai was uneventful, which was good news for me. And the service was great. I remember thinking, "Well it's worth it I guess." (Famous last words.) The second flight home was not as pleasant. It's probably because the flight's terribly long, although I don't quite understand why last year's 20-hour flight wasn't as bad as this 16-hour flight.

Upon reaching KLIA, I approached the payphones to make a call; all were out of order. I walked around to check the rest. After inspecting 3 rows of unfixed payphones, I found 2 phones that worked. Got my bags, got outside and totally emptied my insides out. Way to detox, eh?

At least my jetlag's gone. No more staring at blank walls at 4am, or having no appetite until 2am or having a facial expression in the morning that says, "Please don't ask me to 'just force yourself to sleep'. It doesn't work that way."

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